CJ Title Match Results: Swifties

If you haven’t already asked for the list but want to give them a shot, let me know. We had three non-players ask, but none have returned the list, so I’ll be damned if I know whether they did well or not.

Pete and Melissa, however, are done.

Here are some results.

Note that Pete’s words are inexact for “dispiritedly” and “damningly,” but even if I were to ding him for these, it’s then tied and Pete sent his back before Melissa did, so he wins and continues the by-far greatest roll in Cutthroat Junction history. Bret will be the next victim in January.

Another note: “giddily” was the answer I gave as well, and I was shocked to learn it wasn’t correct. I actually had to work out how “mockingly” made sense until I realized that Tom was actually mocking (Geddy) Lee with his claim. In all, it was another fine (and difficult) slate of Swifties, and I thank Mr. Gilman. for providing them.

See you in a few, CJ Faithful.


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