Meeting of the Spies: fin

Here are your final results.

This was at times gutwrenching to watch (when it felt like I wasn’t explaining things well enough) and at times a lot of fun to watch (the last few rounds, in particular).

Even having been included on a lot of stuff, I’m a little lost on the particulars of a couple things, but I have faith that those will be brought to light here soon.

Anyway. This wasn’t exactly the easy to understand, uncomplicated game that I promised, but I had fun, and I hope you folks did, as well.


14 thoughts on “Meeting of the Spies: fin

    • I planned to go with him until the end. But then yesterday he told me that he hadn’t heard anything from Morning. Thing is, I had proof from Morning that he had sent e-mails to Snow. So I figured he was lying to me. Plus I thought he had tiebreakers, so didn’t see much reason to keep him around if I didn’t implicitly trust him.

    • Yeah, if there was one thing I wish worked a little differently, it would be the early tiebreakers. Too many visits to (I think there were three or four of them in all).

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