Meeting of the Spies: Day One

The spies have arrived at the conference room. There are not enough chairs. It’s likely that a prolonged deathmatch will result.

Here is that conference room. It’s… sparsely decorated.

Here’s the rules post. – Cliff’s Notes version: Don’t sit in chairs with lots of people on or in empty spaces.

Here are the spies who will be vying for chairs..
Francis Leadbottom
Driven Iago
Turkish Spiderman
Super Secret Agent Man
Ivan Drago
Yank Parliament
Snowden the Snowman
Awesome the Amazing
Tutti Bomowski

Send in your moves to by 9pm tomorrow (Friday) night. Here’s how.

Don’t send in the number of the chair you want to sit in. Send me the coordinates of the chair you want to sit in. Those two empty spaces in the ‘G’ column are places where a chair can be moved. At the end of the day, I’ll figure out where any chairs have moved and where they’ve been moved to and then we’ll figure out what’s what. Also, let me know if you want to use any powers (explained below).

Here’s a sample move:

“Sit at B2, tranquilize Jon Papelbon”

I might need to explain some stuff, just comment if I do.

A refresher on the powers after the jump…

* The Ol’ Switcharoo – Take a chair an move it to another space. For example, if there are seven people left, there will be six chairs, but there will be SPACE enough for six chairs. Using the ol’ switcharoo will move whichever chair you choose to an empty space (also of your choosing). Anyone trying to sit in the space where the chair used to be will accrue ten points against them (this could potentially change to “will be eliminated”, depending on how many people play. I’m thinking a lot more people will need to play in order for that to happen, but if people would rather this be an elimination move, I’m open to suggestions).

* Tranquilizer Dart – The user will designate another player to hit with a dart. The attacked player will become so groggy that he will miss the chair he was trying to sit in, and will randomly sit in a chair adjacent to his intended target.

* Stuffed Decoy Dummy – Placing a dummy allows the player to fool everyone into thinking he sat in a chair that he didn’t actually sit in. You give me the coordinates, and when I give out the results that night, your actual location will not be revealed. Note that the dummy will not change anything in regards to actual eliminations. If you sit down on the death chair and put a dummy in a different chair, you’re still on the hook. Likewise, if you put the dummy on a chair, the dummy will not count toward the number of people sitting on that chair toward its “death chair” status.

Note: I will keep a detailed spreadsheet of who has what and where everyone is, but will not be updating things like powers or (possibly, unless there’s a huge outcry) points against. It’s up to you to figure out how many points you have against you. You’ll know if you do something like sit on the wrong chair or something.

Again, PLEASE let me know if any of you need anything explained. This could be way too complicated, but it sounds fun in my head, so let’s go with it.


2 thoughts on “Meeting of the Spies: Day One

  1. A question, asked, and answered!

    q: Can I change my mind before all submissions in if I choose?
    a: You can change your mind and your move at any time until 9:00pm CST.

  2. Another splendid question!

    q: Will players know who did moves against them?
    a: The assumption here is that you are good at your espionage. Therefore, only the fact that a move was made will be made public, not who made that move.

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