December Game Signup: Meeting of the Spies

The populous has spoken. December’s game will, indeed, be Meeting of the Spies. This should be fun. It will, of course, be more fun with a higher number of people, which is why I’m issuing a fresh signup form (the other one was mostly to determine which game we’d play).

I figure we’ll start sometime next week. If you’ve got availability concerns, let me know.

“But Pete”, you say, “I already signed up once, and I refuse to do so again!”

Gotcha covered.

Current List
Daneeka’s Ghost

Rules after the jump…

Meeting of the Spies will run very similarly to how Kelly ran Musical Chairs last November. Here are the full rules to that game (which you should read, because they form the basis to this game), but here’s a Cliff’s Notes version:

Every day I will set up a number of chairs that is equal to the players remaining, minus one.  By the end of the day you will each choose a numbered chair to sit in.

At the end of the day, whichever chair holds the highest number of people will have one of those players eliminated. The one eliminated will be:
a) the person with the highest number of points against
OR, if there’s a tie amongst those players
b) random draw

Everyone sitting in the death chair that is not eliminated will gain a number of points against them equal to the number of people sitting in the death chair.

With me so far? Good, here is where the spying comes in.

The game will be anonymous. I’m not going to announce which actual player is sitting where at any time. You can announce who you are to anyone you like, but for anyone who wants to work under cover of darkness will need to come up with an alias and create an email address for me to distribute. If you could have those ready by the time the game starts, that’d be awesome, otherwise, I’m going to assign you a name/email.

You will have super spy gadgets and tricks. If we get enough people, I’ll add more tricks, but for now, you’ll have one of each of the following in your arsenal to start the game.

* The Ol’ Switcharoo – Take a chair an move it to another space. For example, if there are seven people left, there will be six chairs, but there will be SPACE enough for six chairs. Using the ol’ switcharoo will move whichever chair you choose to an empty space (also of your choosing). Anyone trying to sit in the space where the chair used to be will accrue ten points against them (this could potentially change to “will be eliminated”, depending on how many people play. I’m thinking a lot more people will need to play in order for that to happen, but if people would rather this be an elimination move, I’m open to suggestions).

* Tranquilizer Dart – The user will designate another player to hit with a dart. The attacked player will become so groggy that he will miss the chair he was trying to sit in, and will randomly sit in a chair adjacent to his intended target.

* Stuffed Decoy Dummy – Placing a dummy allows the player to fool everyone into thinking he sat in a chair that he didn’t actually sit in. You give me the coordinates, and when I give out the results that night, your actual location will not be revealed. Note that the dummy will not change anything in regards to actual eliminations. If you sit down on the death chair and put a dummy in a different chair, you’re still on the hook. Likewise, if you put the dummy on a chair, the dummy will not count toward the number of people sitting on that chair toward its “death chair” status.

That’s all for now. By all means, ask question if you’ve got them. I’ll do my best to answer them, or possibly steal your ideas and claim them as my own.


3 thoughts on “December Game Signup: Meeting of the Spies

  1. Huh, this doesn’t look like a game that I can just scan the rules and half ass it followed by e-mails from Kelly telling me why I can’t do a particular move. But I’ll try.

    • It actually is. The whole thing boils down to “you sit in a chair – hopefully one that isn’t full of people”.

      If you want to, you can do crazy switcharoos and stuff, but it’s certainly not necessary.

      So far as the anonymity is concerned, I won’t be enforcing anything. If you want to live out your espionage fantasies and play as “Freealonzo, Superspy”, you’re certainly welcome to do so. The anonymous thing might not even matter, but it’s a potentially fun twist on things.

      Put simply, you can put in as little or as much ass as you prefer.

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