CJ Title Match: Pete vs. Dean (and anyone else who wants to play for fun): SCATTERGORIES X

Read all the rules. This gets weird.

As you all should know, Scattergories is that thing where your answer has to start with a specific letter of the alphabet, and answers with multiple words are worth as many points as there are words.

With proper names, the last name is the letter we’ll use officially. Multiples can be scored for alliterative names.

My first rule, which is perhaps official, is that EVERY word must start with the same letter in an answer. “The Yeah Yeah Yeahs” would not be an acceptable band name, for instance, and I won’t accept it if you omit the The, which is part of their name. That’s possibly overly harsh, but that’s what we’re doing, and now you’re aware.

My second rule, which is so big that it should probably be considered the first, is that you get to choose your letter for each answer. There’s a list of thirty categories.

The kicker is that each letter has a multiplier, based on frequency of use.

If your word/phrase starts with S, A, C, M, P, R or T: x1.0. That is, no bonus.
B, F, G, D, H: x1.1
I, N, E, L: x1.2
O, W, U: x1.3
V, J, K, Q, Y: x1.5
Z, X: x1.8

That is, if you gave a legal answer of Xavier Xerxes, it would be worth 3.6. A legal answer of Benjamin Bradfred Balfington Buffalopotamus would beat it with a 4.4, though, so consider all that.

You’ll send your request to cjscatter@gmail.com with a subject of either cjpete or cjdean, which will start your clock. You have fifteen minutes upon the auto-response to finish. This will be enough time to complete the list (well, maybe) but with the multipliers, you’ll want to think about some.

DO NOT use those subject headings if you are not the person in question. If you want to do this but are neither Dean nor Pete, I’ll set up a guest spreadsheet on which you can make your own answer column. This isn’t done yet, but I’ll make one.

Pete and Dean, get to this before too long because I do have another championship match to run this month. Have fun, kids.


6 thoughts on “CJ Title Match: Pete vs. Dean (and anyone else who wants to play for fun): SCATTERGORIES X

  1. Also, an example. If I have a category called “reasons not to date someone,” for instance, you cannot say “huge hammy hands.” Huge and hammy mean the same thing here, so I’d just award two letters.

  2. I should be able to do this Friday afternoon. I think I understand all the rules but I may have a question or two prior to Friday.

  3. O.k. Here’s a legimate question that I don’t think was addressed. Total points wins or is it how many of the 30 categories you win? (i.e. I could win 14-13-3)

    Another question. Final entries go to same e-mail address with the same heading or does the heading not matter for the entry.

    • Good questions, these.

      Total points.

      Please copy and paste from the doc and send either to me or back to where you got them. Or hey, both. Remember that I’ll be watching that timestamp.

  4. Mine’s in but I thought of another question while I was in the midst. Isn’t a rule in scattegories that the same answer from both players means no one gets any points? Is that the rule here too? I suppose since there are only two of us, it really doesn’t matter does it?

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