December Game Signup: Pick Your Poison (Guest Moderator Edition!)

Hey everyone! Spooky’s busy doing some sort of game show ripoff, but I figure that’s no reason that I can’t pick up the reins and give the literally two or three of you who crave a new CtJ game what you want.

Peoples Who Have Expressed Interest:
Daneeka’s Ghost

Because I’m such a gracious mod, I’ll even give you the option to choose which game you’d like to play. Oh, the possibilities! Five of them, in fact!
Here’s the list:

* You Only Live Twice
This is essentially Mexican Standoff, only a variant where you get to come back to life once after you die.

* Elemental (or “Super Effective!”)
A game in which you are given a set number of points (how many would likely depend on how many players sign up). Each turn, you would simultaneously choose a type (for this example, we’ll call them “Rock”, “Scissors”, and “Paper”) and a player to attack. The defending player would suffer no damage (if rock attacks paper, for example), little damage (if rock attacks rock), or heavy damage (if rock attacks scissors).

* Highest Bidder – Quick, relatively painless, and easy to both play and mod. Not hugely engaging, though.

* What’s In Your Head? – Zombie fun, with an emphasis on free-for-all this time around.

* Meeting of the Spies – At its most basic level, this is anonymous musical chairs, but with a few gameplay quirks, like the ability to move chairs and essentially mess with your fellow competitors’ heads.

So, there you have it. Five games. Fun for all. Email me or comment below if there’s one that you’d like to play more than the rest. We’ll give you until Friday to pick one.

Two notes: First off, Kelly says that he’s still working on the championship matchups (Scattergories for Dean and I, and then another one for Melissa and I after I beat Dean).

Second, if you would like to play, and really don’t care what we play, just say so in the comments, so I have an idea of how many will be playing.


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