Critical Mass: Day One Begins

Alright, homies, here it is.

There was some overlap. If you lost some spaces, that’s why. You can still get them back, if others let you.

On each of the four turns you can go up to fifteen spaces. You don’t have to go that many spaces (I’m sure nobody will) and you can even abstain completely for whatever reason, as long as you tell me you’re doing so. Not responding by 9pm Central will make you a nonsub. You’ll be given a 50-point penalty but can still play.

Remember, your blob must grow in an order I can follow. So, I could make a snake from it if I wanted. It has to start on a space connected to your blob (diagonals count) and go wherever you want from there.

If you cross anyone, you’ll instead stick in place and get no spaces for that round. You will not die a la the way I usually run this, and will still be able to play subsequent days.

So…go ahead, kiddos.


2 thoughts on “Critical Mass: Day One Begins

  1. Just so I am clear. Now that some of my spaces are not connected anymore, can I go in two directions with the two “blobs.” Or is that single square kind of just left there hanging?

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