September Game: Critical Mass: Place by Monday Night

Hey, here’s your board.

By Monday night, please place yourselves on five connected (yes, diagonals count) squares. If you overlap with someone else, those squares won’t be nabbed by anyone. If your entire blob overlaps, I’ll move you to the closest unused spot to where you attempted to place yourself.

After that, we’ll have four days of movement. You’ll be able to move a maximum of ten spaces from your blob to grow in points, but if you overlap, you’ll get nothing. Of course, you can always move less, or abstain entirely (though this isn’t as attractive an option in this version, since I won’t be eliminating players for overlapping. I like the game that way, but I want to try it this way).

Yes, this is a short one, but that seemed in order with Survivor XVI starting.

This was a rapid-fire explanation here, but that’s only because I have to get going to get prepared to be in a wedding. See you Monday.


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