Fall, Caesar: Day Twelve

Four of you remain and two are targets:


Hoping this ends in time for me to post a final round, should I get this call for jury duty. There’s only one jury I want to talk to today, and it isn’t at the Maricopa County High Court.

42 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Twelve

  1. I scheduled this and it gave me “missed schedule” and rescheduled for five hours from now. I love that my blog can just be late on occasion, like a human. It’s fantastic for games like this.

  2. I will not vote until Beau does. He’ll probably vote for me but that’s cool.

    I’d still like to see a tie I can pass on you know like a vote for DG. And then you won’t have to worry about DG taking you to the final two.

  3. #9 Pompey has fallen. For only the second time all game, all players will be eligible for voting. I’m good with rolling right into the final vote, assuming all three players agree. inkarnit’s good to go. I won’t even bother with another post; I’ll just comment that we’re open.

  4. Finalists, you have one hour to put up a plea for victory. I’ll put them in a new post and alert the jury to read and vote. Hopefully they actually do so.

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