Fall, Caesar: Day Eleven

Five of you left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is exciting.

It’s the last day for wine and influence.

Vote for:


We’ll do a 10:30 if this one flies, and I think it will. We’ll talk about a third one if we get there.

I have jury duty today…maybe. I had to call last night to find out if I was summoned today, which is super convenient. The call said my group wasn’t called, but was required to call at 10:15 to learn if we’re needed at 12:30. Unf*&^ingbelievable. Anyway, hopefully it won’t mess us up any.


69 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Eleven

  1. Well seems like its up to Beau.

    Beau if you are around I suggest if this comes down to two for me and two for Nibbish, you can vote DG and be safe. As I understand the tiebreak rules: if you don’t break the tie, I certainly would. Which puts DG and I at risk for the next vote.

  2. I was so going to give the wine to somebody. Didn’t get here in time. Guess I’ll drink it.

    Beau cannot vote for himself.

    I’m in a meeting. I’ll try to make my decision before 10:30

  3. It makes the most strategic sense for inkarnit to vote yickit next round, because it will do a couple of things.

    1) Make Beau vulnerable, if it comes to Beau’s vote as 2 votes for yickit and 1 vote for DG, Beau has to be in the majority no matter where he votes. That’s been a hard thing to do late in this game once Beau had the high card and the wine.

    2) It could even keep inkarnit invulnerable in the round of 3 (if inkarnit and I vote yickit and yickit and Beau vote me, then inkarnit gets to pick which one he goes to the final two with)

    IF inkarnit votes for dg, then Beau can get off the hook by voting for yickit and passing on the tiebreak. Then Beau is in the final 2 and choosing his opponent.

  4. Just an FYI I’m going into a doctors appointment in 30 minutes but I’ll be as active as I can while there and certainly after… Until I get to work anyway where I have an important business meeting to decide the details of my future!

        • I think you’ll see that the other two have pretty much run the game, especially lately. I’d really think about your next move no matter what happens. Beau could put himself in jeopardy this turn as well and eliminate either nibbish or I. The one saved would owe him big time, and the scenarios would be slightly different with three people up for the next vote.

          • Yeah I don’t want to commit to anything until I’ve done that. I’m playing right now in the waiting room at the doctor so full evaluation isn’t possible right now heh

  5. 10:30 is starting to look like a pipe dream here.

    I hopefully will have all day (jury duty permitting) so we can recalibrate if we have to. Though, it doesn’t particularly matter if this one is time sensitive since Influence can’t happen.

  6. Rule tweak suggestion for Spooky:
    Have non-voters be “in power” because their silence was actually agreement with the decision of the plurality.

    • I think with the game being run during business hours online shotgun style, that’s overly harsh. I think requiring everyone to vote might be a better option, or opening the post an hour before voting can commence or something like that.

      • I was thinking more on the lines of the early days, when the voting window was held open past the point of majority. It would require that for a long time, and definitely would have slowed down the game. It hasn’t mattered here at the end though, the last missed vote was when Novak was outed, day 6.

        • I feel you on that, though you’ll note that those who abstained were outside of things and almost all died early anyway. I get that you want to punish their silence, but really, it did them no good at all. I’ve played three live and now this one, and in all cases, fortune has favored the bold.

    • Hellllllllllllllllllllll no. For one, I want silence to be an option. It’s a weak option, but an option. For two, this will have unintended consequences of greatly speeding up the game to race to get votes in. For three, I don’t want someone saying at the end “I was in peril all game long” when in reality they played like a bit of a bitch. There are enough ways to force movement from quiet players and enough reasons not to abstain already.

  7. If I save Nibbish by voting out yickit, I think we’d eventually be forced to vote out each other in the round of three and inkarnit would again get his choice. Nibbish, have you looked at this?

  8. Your World Champion, Name That Tune monster and all around CJ Behemoth nibbish, #14 Agrippa, has died along with my other sibling’s card. How is 11:30? yickit’s good to go.

  9. DG is good, so I’ll schedule it. I’m not sure it’s important that this one has a hard scheduled time, but I’ve been doing this all game long and since I’m not playing, there may be early-vote benefits I don’t see.

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