Fall, Caesar: Day Ten

Homestretch, kiddos…homestretch.

I won’t be able to schedule any other posts today after this unless it’s a veeeery fast turn, so this should probably finish the day unless the final five are antsy as hell.

Vote for one of these fellows:


100 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Ten

    • Could be longer. He had to drive a half hour to get to the meeting. There’s almost no reason for Beau to save me here, so feel free to discuss your strategy for the next round.

  1. Well, KG said it himself. I’m the perfect jury shield. Beyond that, a kindergartner could influence me to assassinate my best friend.

    Thanks for making my stump pitch for me, KG!

  2. Damn, this wine is tasty. Perhaps being drunk didn’t bode well for my last meeting. I was ushered out more quickly than I anticipated.

    Like KG said, there is no reason for me to keep him alive. Last thing I need on the final day of my influence is to have to be right at my computer when the post comes up. I have a new coworker starting tomorrow and she’s shadowing me all day long.


  3. Okay i have 10 more mins before I leave for a couple of hours. I realistically can’t be back until 1900 EST. So I need to know our next steps. Am I good until tomorrow or do I need to put in some possible plans.i might be able to keep up with my phone but I won’t know until I’m in the mtg

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