Fall, Caesar: Day Nine

It’s crazy in there, Empire. Crazy! Four targets this time.


In case someone else ends up updating the spreadsheet: remaining CJ points now jump by three until victory. 35-38-41-44-47-50-100.

92 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Nine

  1. I would say that if someone’s into voting Annette that they should vote KG, instead.

    Also, Brooks is in avoidance mode. Nice vote on the Yickit vote, which assures that he will certainly not be on the block next time.


    Beau, care to break the tie? If you do, you are in power regardless.
    After that, Annette gets the next chance, then kg, then…okay, it won’t go this far, certainly.

    • Thank you!

      My fix is the max on Influence. In that case I’d allow all three(?) Influences to be on the same person if desired, though.

      As people saw on my post elsewhere, Influence wasn’t a huge factor in the live game. People were too afraid of wielding that control and how the Influence target would react. It’s very different playing with strategic novices.

      • I wouldn’t expect it to be. A live cast for the internet (CoverItLive) or a similar platform would work better. Like I said earlier let me know when I can get a pack for some friends.

        • I’m hoping to put it out Tuesday, if Alex can get the changes done and the website doesn’t give me another bit of guff about needing to do one more thing.

          Oh, and Conner has to get me the photos we took on his camera for the live game.

          • Yeah, the two I work with won’t shut up about it (and I don’t want them to). Enrique’s 18-year-old sister, who I’d never met, apparently “isn’t into much and never really talks” but spent the whole drive home saying “I want to sit down and play that game for hours and hours.”

  3. For the record, I wasn’t trying to break up the alliance. I was hoping to kill KG without having to be in the majority. I misunderstood the rules.

  4. Alright, that means Annette (#7 Enrique Iglesias) is out. SAUSAGE PARTY, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I am willing to run another round at 1pm if all six people agree. Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow.

    Remember that Wine and Influence disappear with four people left.

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