Fall, Caesar: Day Eight

I got to do a live game at a party a couple of nights ago. What a blast, dudes.

You’ve got five targets.


As before, if the first one goes quickly enough we’ll see another at 10:30. We can talk about a 1pm but there’s no real rush if it isn’t convenient.


94 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Eight

  1. Well it was a fun ride – seems pretty silly that you guys allow Beau to slither his was through.

    I wish the spreadsheet was updated – I would make a last ditch attempt here with the wine and an influence – but I don’t have the time to go through the threads and try to figure out who is left as having not voted.

    Good luck to all moving forward!

  2. So nibbish and Geoff are the only unknowns now. Geoff looks like he’s dying here. Someone make nibbish show his hand and influence him to vote Geoff here too.

  3. I have a meeting – so this is TOTALLY not in line with the game but have no other choice.

    I and Nibbish vote for whomever Beau votes for.

    If Kelly lets that fly – DG gets to decide whether to kill me or allow a tie and kill whomever Beau voted for and assure we can kill Beau tomorrow.

    I won’t be able to be back online until lunch unless a scheduled meeting goes unexpectedly short.

  4. The bus to pick up the kids was 35 minutes late. THIRTY-FIVE. It wasn’t even the right bus that got them – it was a different one that came to pick up the slack. We were told “Bus 48 is running extremely late.” I think this means “Bus 48’s driver is still hung over and has not rolled out of bed.” She’s been late every single day, but never this late.

  5. Okay I really have to run now – if DG votes Yickit clearly I break the tie and live.

    DG – just name your price I am in your debt. I am very much a Lanister – evil as hell but I PAY MY DEBTS. You can ask Dread Priate, the Other Colin, and others for references on that.

  6. Gotta make some coffee. Hopefully Brooks settles this soon enough to make a second day at 10:30, but if not we’ll talk about what time might work to get a second one in.


    I still don’t want to get Beau, and i think aligning with Geoff would hurt my chances in the long run. I could be wrong, time will tell.

  8. I propose a start between 11am and -12pm for a second start instead of 1030am if people want another round today. I can do whatever, but 7 mins seems a bit too quick.

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