Fall, Caesar: Day Six

We’ve managed at least six days in four days! Awesome. We may do two today but are unlikely to do more (and given the makeup of the game right now, I’m not anticipating a quick vote).

Five targets is the smallest number all game long:


Thanks for what’s turning out to be an important game-test, guys.


47 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Six

  1. Geoff wanted to give me a chance to explain why you shouldn’t vote for me. How noble of him. Here it is: My first missed vote was the product of Geoff and Annette jumping in and voting quickly, despite the ongoing conversation about whether I should use my influence to create an additional target. They were the two who weren’t working with the group of 8 when they voted without contributing to that conversation. My second missed vote was the product of the additional quick day yesterday. I was at a memorial service for my sister and had set up an auto-accept of influence by anyone in the group of 8 (I trust Kelly will verify this, given he held an entire “day” when I said I’d be away…).

    That all said, I’m gone most of the day today too, and Monday morning I’ll have a trial. So I might as well be voted out here, since none of the other currently listed people deserve to be voted out.

    Seriously though, someone make Geoff vote, everyone pile on that, and then vote him out the next round. And probably Inkarnit after that, since they both weaseled out last night with their votes for each other.

    • I’ll point out that all my votes before the very last one were with the majority. Even yesterday’s vote was technically with the majority. But when it’s 5-4 and I’m wanting to be 6th, what sense does that make?

      • Certainly, you’re not as rotten as Geoff here. But you were around and could have been part of the process earlier.

        • I was around yes, but our group was split in what to do. I didn’t know what to do yet. And the fact that it nearly ended in a tie is testament to that. Even some people that voted one way thought they should have done differently. You included I believe.

  2. Let me throw out this alternative: I’m not around much over the next 2 vote periods (#2 today, Monday morning), so my votes will be early and straightforward, and y’all can work with them/direct them if you want. So if you wanted to take someone else out now, you can let me know and I’ll throw a vote down there, and you can try to build on that.

  3. I’LL VOTE NOVAK as I promised I would. I would also point out that Beau tried to influence me yesterday, so he clearly has either 1 or 4. Got to eliminate him when you get the chance, playas.

  4. I’m out for several hours. Or the game, if you guys actually go ahead and eliminate me.

    Just to be kind of a pain, INKARNIT AND I VOTE BEAU.

  5. mbnovak, #6 Caligula, has been stabbed thirty times while attending a play. I like to think the killer’s name was Sisyphus Wilkes Booth. Anyway, we’ll do another day at 10:30 like I mentioned we would if this happened.

  6. Before I go, let me just mock Beau for permitting Geoff to vote for someone other than the person who was to be killed.

      • Just hold off. Don’t influence someone too. He created the situation which allowed “a vote for anyone but him” to kill me. So Geoff was able to deliver a killing blow without being added to the list of next-day candidates.

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