Fall, Caesar: Day Seven

Well, day six sure did fly in a way that day five didn’t.

Friends, Romans, countrymen – here are your targets:

Dread Pirate

I guess a third one isn’t out of the question if people are up for it, at say, 1pm Central or something (I’ll try to avoid what would be lunch hour for many of you) but I’d need everyone on board. Otherwise we can call it a week and reconvene on Monday morning.


134 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Seven

  1. Alright, we need inkarnit’s response and Geoff’s vote for someone besides nibbish before things move any further.

  2. Okay, Annette. Where would you like to take this? I’m open to suggestions.

    KG, I’m also interested in what you’d like to do, assuming your Beau vote goes through.

  3. Well, if influence is as dangerous as we all think, and Geoff has the wine and the #1 card (lots and lots of “ifs”), then we almost have to eliminate Pirate here, don’t we?

    Annette, you were already leaning toward keeping with Beau, I’m feeling like that gives us our best bet going forward. You?

  4. What a day, Senators.

    #5 Marcus Aurelius has died here, as you know, and we’re going to wait for Monday unless all of you can gain some sort of agreement in the next thirty-five minutes because I’m about to go to work. I’m sure everyone’s got an adrenaline rush going but I just don’t know if it’s realistic.

  5. Monday it is. Thanks again to all of you for the game-testing. I’ll try to remember to give you a 10-15 minute heads up next Monday, just in case it’s too far from your minds.

    I’m going to be thinking of this all weekend, I promise.

    • I’m actually serious. We’re in the process of me taking over management here and in the meanwhile there isn’t much we can do but answer the phone. This was supposed to occupy me until this afternoon at least. I guess I’ll have to read or something. Any recommendations on good books?

        • Thank you for the recommendation. I should have clarified that I prefer science fiction and fantasy type books primarily. I read things like this on occasion though.

          • Well if you ever do, it’ll take a while. I used most of senior-year spring break (it was for my elective non-western history course, which had no textbook but was taught through historical fiction and (auto)biography).
            It’s worth the journey, though.

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