Fall, Caesar: Day Two

What up, ya wads? You survived the first day! Good on you.

Your spreadsheet is here. If you want a quick reference to your possible voting targets, here you go:


I will field votes and Influences in the order in which they come.

If you screw up and attempt to Influence someone to vote for himself or some crap, you will be dropped from the order in which you moved.

NEW THREAD for all votes and Influences and Wine Card plays, please.


116 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day Two

  1. I’m going to the Twins game later, so I can’t be around to challenge or not or to drink wine.
    Suck it!

  2. So we’ve got Higgs on the hook tomorrow now? Do we want a second one? Beau, since it sounds like you’re more sure to be successful, you want to influence?

    • Contacted for a response. Hopefully he’s around, because we’re cooking with gas, dudes.

      I’m thinking if this “ends” early today I’ll start another forum at 2pm Central, unless anyone disapproves.

  3. Answer:

    You cannot Influence someone who has already voted. That might be a fun variant, but it’s not part of the official rules.

  4. Even if I survive today’s vote, my days are numbered. As I’m sure I’ll be a target tomorrow as well. So….

    Pirate and Nibs, this is your chance to eliminate Brooks. In the past he’s wiggled out of tough situations only to ultimately win or score highly. Why let that happen again?

    Annette, you’ve thrown a bunch of knives in my back in previous games, isn’t it time to come on over from the dark side.

    What do you need from me to make those votes happen?

  5. Well, this will give me time to add more songs to the Name That Tune challenge. We could record that tonight, maybe.

  6. Answer:

    The jury is the entire field of players. So, I know some of you have little incentive to stick around, but do so anyway. It’s fun!

  7. greekhouse has accepted influence.

    6 votes free
    3 votes dg
    1 vote nibbish
    1 vote Geoff

    Three voters are still without a vote (nibbish, nettebarr and yickit) and we’re not decided yet.

  8. freealonzo (#3 Octavian) has been assassinated. There will be seven targets again tomorrow.

    I’ll be asking via email if it’s at all possible to start a new day at 6pm Central. Otherwise, it’s tomorrow at the usual time.

  9. In case (or regardless of the fact, I suppose) we don’t get another round going tonight, I want it to be known my availability tomorrow morning will be spotty.

    • I did. And the translation was pretty damn close. I found two cockroaches while leaving your message, and five total this morning. They sprayed last night, which is long-term good, but short-term disgusting because it smokes all the fuckers out of hiding.

  10. For those of you who aren’t facebook friends of mine – this just happened to me: I try and walk the office here (its about a 1/4 mile lap and I usually do 2 or 3 laps for a 15 minute break) twice a day – I just did an afternoon lap and was on the phone during the walk when a car pulled up beside me – I expected someone to ask directions so I told the person on the line to hold for one second. The person in the car rolls down the window and in total seriousness with no pretense of humor puts his finger to his lips and makes the “hush” sound before pointing at a nearby sprinkler box and says “be careful where and how loud you talk – they are listening.”

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