Fall, Caesar: Day One

The gameth beginneth.

Here’s a link to rules I’ve already posted. If you need clarification, I should be here on and off for the bulk of the day.

The spreadsheet is here. Votes will be gathered there, as will cards, when they become known by influence or death. They will NOT be posted if you tell everyone what you have, even if you tell the truth.

Conversation happens here only. We’ll play another “blind” game down the road, but I want to see if we can pull off this type online.

Votes, Influence and Wine Card plays go in a new thread.

yickit has the Wine Card, remember.

Game on.

Dread Pirate


232 thoughts on “Fall, Caesar: Day One

  1. Beau is clearly a wolf, but let’s let him talk a bit to see if he implicates any of his fellow wolves.

    also, let’s switch our votes at the last minute to someone who, to that point, will not have been on our radars.

  2. A question answered: if you attempt Influence and fail, your own vote is still recorded while the target still has the ability to make one.

  3. So, what the hell. Going to pull something out of Geoff’s hat.

    I have a HIGH CARD. It’s not #1, but there’s a good chance I’ll be able to influence people. I have no dreams of winning this game, but I would like to get into at least the top half finishers.

    There are FIFTEEN players. The first SEVEN who want to join with me, I will promise that I will not use my influence on you while we remain in the majority.

  4. Let me field a question that will come up later: if you vote to begin a day without Influence, it will be recorded even if there are voters before you to sort out. The only exception is if someone attempted to Influence you, in which case I’ll have to get your response before proceeding with your vote.

    The toughest things to anticipate are the ones that didn’t (and couldn’t have) come up in the live test.

  5. Crap, this looks almost as busy as a werewolf game. But at least without that kind of stress.
    Kelly, can we get a list of the players so we know who we can vote for?

  6. It struck me as easier for people to just keep two browsers up rather than constantly scroll, but I edited the post anyway. Now I see that you posted here too so the list is EVERYWHERE, WOOOOOOOO

  7. Okay, Group of EIGHT


    Anybody have a preference? The highest in points are free, Melissa, and bhiggum, but I’m open to anybody.

    • I’m of the mind that we shouldn’t influence too many – the fewer people added to our group, the better, right? Since fewer people to select from will likely mean more and more “outsiders” being eligible for each subsequent vote, without having been influenced into it.

      Boy, that sounds weird.

        • Good point novak… and with the fact that we can’t be influenced after voting, it seems to make more sense. We need only influence a couple. People with higher power cards can wait on voting a bit since they will be hard to influence but those with lower power cards want to get the vote in before getting influenced.

        • Day 1: Group of 8 is picking among 7 targets, with those 7 needing to coordinate and successfully influence in order to stay alive. So If we influence just 1 or two then…
          Day 2: Group of 8 is picking among 1 or 2 targets, and 6 people need to coordinate successfully on the other 8, plus succesfully influence. So If we influence just 1 or two then…
          Day 3: Same, only 5 people coordinating, then Day 4: same, only 4 people coordinating, etc.

          At some point, we’ll be able to split our 8 person vote among the 2, because The Others won’t have enough people.

          As I’m writing this out, it occurs to me we should influence 2 Others to vote with us. Then they’re in the majority, and know we’ll be targeting one of them the next round, giving them incentive to target each other, so as to win against the other “Other”.

  8. So is there no strategy here today except 8 people got in early and then the rest of us are the Others? If so, I’m Linus!

    I’m guessing Greekhouse can’t participate until this evening. KG is strangely absent, so I’ll also chalk that up to work since he’s usually so into breaking games. AMR has popped up once. Of those three, KG has the most points so he seems like the safest one for The Majority to target, but who knows…

  9. I have a couple of “errands” to run, folks. I put “errands” in quotation marks because half the errands are beer-related and perhaps do not qualify as errands. Whatever your definition, I have added a certain anonymous person holding the Caracalla card to aid with any editing of the spreadsheet, if necessary. If Bret shows up and rejects influence, then Bret and Brooks can “show” their cards and record. Otherwise I’ll be in and out for 40 minutes, then definitely here for the rest of the night.

  10. Really, everyone . Bhiggs or Beau need to be the vote here. They rank higher than me in points and should be knifed to death much sooner as a result. It’s a much simpler solution to the “who to vote for so I can win problem” than Beau’s slightly more convoluted plan to oust me and be your BFFs until he no longer isn’t.

  11. OK, I’m back and able to edit the sheet again. I had a couple of “errands” to run. I put “errands” in quotation marks because half the errands are beer-related and perhaps do not qualify as errands. I should definitely here for the rest of the night.

  12. I’m back. I see Bret is being wishy-washy. Shocking.


    (But seriously, Bret, we need an answer on this one)

  13. I have nothing better to do right now than hit f5 on this page continuously. I am doing a stupid Anti Money Laundering training on the computer right now and it makes me listen to every single page. It’s like this is important or something. Ugh!

      • I’ll take it, though yes, I would prefer voting to be boldface or uppercase so I don’t skim over large bits and miss things.

        • So…. one more vote for ANYONE OTHER THAN DG means MelissaD is dead and the day ends, right? Are we then not allowed to discuss anything else until tomorrow?

          • A tie is broken by card strength. In the case of a draw I ask “If anyone has card #1 and wants to break this tie, let them do so now.”

            And so on. The tiebreaker would be outed, and added to power (if they weren’t already).

          • It would be just one, as there are seven already and eight’s a majority.

            Now with AMR voting Novak, just one vote for anyone but Melissa or dg is also enough to seal it.

  14. Programming Note: Until we get down to a few people, I’m likely to not start a new voting forum until the next day (still at a fixed hour). If for some reason tomorrow’s is over in no time, I’ll see if maaaaaybe we can get all 13 remaining players to get a new day going (again, at an announced hour). Of course, this is all assuming we finish the first turn today.


    Once someone is killed today, ALL strategic conversation will stop. We can hang out and BS and stuff, because that’s fun and I’ve got nothing else going on, but if we’re talking about the game it’s all in vague or non-game-related terms like “Way to comment on the wrong post, asshole” or “Can you believe that hungry joe was voted out? He’s not even playing!”

    Then, keep it out of email as well. If a cadre of people all mysteriously vote for the same person the second the post goes up tomorrow, it’ll be clear what happened.

  16. Looks like a lot happened while I stepped away. So Brooks is on the hook for voting Melissa? So I might as well just vote Melissa and not worry about trying an influence? Is that where we left this thing? Someone let me know. I’ll check in again in a bit, but evening came quickly, and I’ve gotta go pay attention to my kids.

  17. Ooooookay. I asked you guys to kill Melissa first, and you did it. For that, everyone gets an imaginary e-cookie as payment.

    You’re allowed (and even encouraged) to goof off here and talk music and movies and whatever’s on your mind. Otherwise, just know that the next day will start at 9pm Central tomorrow and will be scheduled, so it’ll pop up just like it did today. Yes, this would be easier in person, but this is the closest thing we’ve got. Okay, Skype is the closest thing we’ve got, but 15 people on Skype is a big pain.

    Also, I’m thinking of the weekends. Take the entire weekends off, right?

  18. Way to comment on the wrong post you asshole is it really that hard to understand how nesting works? How in the hell did Hungry Joe get voted off today when he’s not even playing????????

  19. Oh, and one more thing, unless there are more last things. Melissa’s card was #11, Nero. That is way too cool-looking a card to die first.

      • My sites use html, so the carrot thingies are only good for html and make their contents disappear.

        As for the answers:

        *Ugh, I know. They’re my favorite sports team but a stacked farm system of hitters means dick if they have no pitching.
        *Ugh, I know. They can’t find a way to keep Kevin Love so they basically have to trade for a guy who maybe, possibly could someday be as good as Kevin Love.
        *Ugh, I know. Football is a shitty sport.
        *Seriously, leave the Wild alone. They’re pretty frickin’ good.

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