The Dig Begins – Place by 10pm Tonight

What up, CJ faithful? It’s getting tougher to play games with enough people around here to really make them crazy, but if I’m being honest about this particular game, it’s probably just as well that we only have ten; strategy will win out and players will have a better chance to bolster their defenses.

We’re going to put you on a 14×14 board for this one. Hopefully that’s not too big or too small, but this is all new so it’s hard to say. Your placement will be extremely important.

In this game, once you’re placed, you want to create a path between other players to eliminate them from the game.

Take a look at this board. Note that “dsl,” “bj” and “jcs” have all been eliminated because a path links them to at least one other player. “doa” can be eliminated by being linked to “lop,” but he can also be eliminated if the other two active players link him to the mess that already links the three dead players. Please keep in mind that solely being linked diagonally isn’t going to link spaces in this one.

On each turn, you get one dig (a single space that you want to open; note that players’ starter spaces will be open already) and one special move, if you want to use one.

You will each start out with ten Phipher-Phiph coins, and can use them on turns for the following:

Blackout Space (3 PP). The coordinate you choose is blacked out and can never be dug open. You cannot black out a space that makes you impossible to reach. This move will override any attempted dig on that space on the same turn and can only be stopped by a “Block Player.”

Defend Space (1 PP). If anyone attempts to dig the space you defend against, they are not only stopped, but a space of the defender’s choosing that they’re connected to will be dug. It can only be stopped by a “Block Player.”

Block Player (2 PP). Anything done by the target on this turn will not go through – both digs and special moves. If two people do this to one another, they lose the PP coin they spent and both digs are stopped.

Double Dig (2 PP). Dig two spaces on this turn instead of one. Can be stopped by a “Block Player.”

Post-Placement Placement (7 PP). This is not used during the game, but before it. If you request this rather than initially place yourself, you will get to see the initial placement of all other players (without names attached) and can place yourself after the fact. If multiple people do this, they’ll all get to do it but they’ll all be placed concurrently so it could still be a problem if they don’t coordinate.

One last thing: if people place themselves in spots that will guarantee that they get eliminated right away, they will each be slightly moved so as not to harm either person more than the other (but they’ll still be extremely close together). This will happen before anyone who does Post-Placement Placement.

Have your opening coordinate (or decision for PPP) by Tuesday night at 10pm Central.


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