June Championship Result, July Mega-Game Signup: THE DIG

Cripes, this site sure does get forgotten when I’ve got Survivor going on, and I’m trying to get my card game released (it was supposed to be today, but was delayed because of…something rather annoying that doesn’t involve me, unfortunately. Soon).


greekhouse defended his championship against nibbish in a cribbage match, and nibbish hammered the absolute crap out of greek, defeating him in straight sets to become the new champion. So, everyone make out with Pete in celebration! He deserves it.

Also, The Dig.

In this spreadsheet game, we’ll be on a 20×20 (or something…we’ll see how many players we have) grid, and you’ll all be placing yourselves. This will be by far the most important thing in the early going, so you’ll have a couple of days to do it, I think. From there, each person will dig a square on each turn, and once two people or more are connected by a tunnel, they’re eliminated. So, if two people are diagonal from A1-F6 from one another and all the diagonals are dug between them, they’re gone. I MAY make it so diagonals don’t count on their own and you have to be able to pass from square to square horizontally or vertically. Again, I’ll decide when I know how many people we have.

Additionally, there will be powers available as you go, and everyone will get a set number of points for powers at the outset of the game. With these you’ll be able to defend against a dig, or maybe dig two squares on a turn. I’m working on those. I might even make one available where you ensure yourself not to be close to anyone else as the game starts.

At any rate, I think it seems fun. Sign up here or email me.

Dread Pirate


18 thoughts on “June Championship Result, July Mega-Game Signup: THE DIG

  1. I would love to, but I’ll be out of the country for a good chunk of the game. I was tempted to join just to get a few easy points and the sabotage somebody, but I’m practicing being nice to Novak.

  2. Thank you, 8’s and 7’s double-double runs.

    Anyways, I’m in.

    When do Will and I have to have our deathmatch completed for my upcoming title defense?

  3. Awaiting moderation?

    A guy can’t change his alias to a faceless integer without arousing suspicion apparently.

  4. I’m in. But a warning to other players: I’ve been going back and forth from getting eliminated early to staying long in a CJ game. The July game is slated to be a “hang around for a long time even though I don’t know what I’m doing game.”

  5. Sorry, I meant to tell you that I was in earlier. But I got distracted by sauntering practice, and forgot. And then I was just sauntering around, and I sauntered back this way and realized that I hadn’t signed up yet. Then I had to wait a while because you can’t seem like you care too much when you saunter.

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