Knots: Final Results


That was some great fun in the last couple of days. Seven moves make for a pretty manageable game, too.

Congratulations to our winner! Also, well done to Dread Pirate, who will challenge either greekhouse or nibbish next month.


4 thoughts on “Knots: Final Results

  1. My strategy on the last day was to try and convince nibbish that I was going to attack Pirate and that he would be safe not defending against me. Unfortunately the obvious best play for everyone in the game was to defend against me, so even if I had convinced him, I don’t think he would have switched his defense.

    This was a really interesting game after the first few random days. I wonder how much things would change if a player were allowed to attack themselves, even just once per game.

  2. That was fun. I hadn’t gotten to play in Survivor.

    I think a successful defense should make the defender immune, but maybe just untie a couple knots from the attacker. Might make people more prone to take fun risks.

    Either way, thanks to Geoff and Brooks for working with me toward the end there. Sorry to KG for trying to work with me.

    • That’s an intriguing variant.

      Brooks also suggested a thing where a person could attack himself maybe just one time in the game, so he has to make sure to use it at the right time.

  3. This game started the day I left for vacation and I was eliminated the day I came back. I’m glad that most of the time I could just submit random names and that worked out for me.

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