Knots Begins; June Title Match

nibbish and greekhouse have chosen a match! They’re playing cribbage…again…for some reason. Well, when they’re done, I’ll let you know if greek is the shortest-reigning champion ever or if he’s the next CJ icon (there will be no middle ground).

As for Knots…

Dread Pirate

Alright, I’ll put the rules here again (I can’t dumb it down much more, Popester, but I’ll do a twelve-person hypothetical turn and see what happens).

So on each turn you attack one person’s rope, undoing a knot, and you also defend against a person.

Each rope has five knots and if all those knots are untied, the person is out. So if five people undo kg’s knots on the first turn, he’ll go out – unless he defends against one of them, in which case two things happen: none of his knots are untied and the person he defends against falls to his or her death and is out of the game. It’s possible this game is better if I take out the “falling to death” aspect and I’ll take that under advisement for the future, but I promised a quick game and the falling aspect is what’s going to get us there.

Alright, here are twelve hypothetical players and their moves. Results are below.

Crusty Knuckles (Att. Handles; Def. Breadsticks)
Millicent Gloom (Att. Funyuns; Def. Tim)
Brock Hardcastle (Att. Handles; Def. Horseradish)
Funyuns Unite (Att. Crusty; Def. Breadsticks)
Unlimited Breadsticks (Att. Horatio; Def. Horatio)
Thumbtack, Jr. (Att. Breadsticks; Def. Tim)
The Wrong Way to Eat a Reese’s (Att. Gropin’; Def. Horseradish)
Horseradish Threat (Att. Funyuns; Def. Breadsticks)
There are those who call me…Tim (Att. Funyuns; Def. Thumbtack)
Handles & Sassage (Att. Funyuns; Def. Wrong Way)
Gropin’ the Wind (Att. Crusty; Def. Crusty)
Horatio Goatblower (Att. Thumbtack; Def. Horseradish)

Results, as you will see them on the real game, are here.

So I did that using, and there wasn’t a single successful defense in there. If there had, it would probably show you how it worked better, but the point is, nobody defended against someone who was attacking them. In this case, under the “RES.” header it shows how many knots each person lost in that round.

When there are two people left (if that comes to pass), the person with more Knots remaining will be the winner. If they’re tied, well, we’ll have co-winners. Same deal if a number of people fall to death at the same time, which wouldn’t make for a great game, but at least it would be funny. In fact, now that I work this out, I think the fall-to-death thing adds a needed source of stress to the game. So…we’re good here.

The first move will be due Monday at 9pm Central. That’s entirely too long for this type of game but that’s what happens when I post on a Friday, since people tend to be missing on weekends. If you all want to get something in by tonight, or anytime before that deadline, I won’t stop you, and I’ll move the game forward. Otherwise, no matter – the game will fly by once a couple eliminations are in the books, or maybe it’ll fly immediately.

Have at it, gang. Remember, a submission is just one attack and one defense.

CJ Points: 100-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-11-8-5
Usual nonsub rules (instant death, no point gain over the last person who went out)


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