June Mega-Game Signup: Knots

I have an all-new game set for next month – a good-old spreadsheet game where you try to dig tunnels between other players to eliminate them – but I haven’t completely figured out the way it works, so that’ll be July’s game.

In Knots, each player has a rope with five knots in it. Once all your knots are untied, you’re eliminated.

For each move, you must do two things: one, untie a knot, and two, defend against someone trying to untie a knot.

This is a bit different from the one I’ve done in Survivor, so pay attention, regulars. If five people untie your knots on a single turn, it used to be that there was a max of one that could be untied on a turn. Now, though, I’m making it so it can be all of them. However, as always, if you successfully defend against someone untying a knot, you will have NONE of your knots untied, regardless of how many attempts there were.

Furthermore, if you successfully defend against someone who’s untying a knot, that person falls from the rope to his or her death. Typically, this is how most people get eliminated, though with (hopefully) a larger field that’ll change things.

We’ll do a move a day (excluding weekends) and more than likely, this won’t have any chance of going through July as it tends to move quickly. I did this one partially because most all the regulars are involved in Survivor, where we’ve just gotten started. The next one will be a little more intricate, but I’m working on ways to cut the fat to keep it simple.

Sign up here, or at CdL, or in my email. I’ll keep track of players here.

Who’s In?

Dread Pirate


12 thoughts on “June Mega-Game Signup: Knots

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  2. Yes, I absolutely want to sign up for a game that I don’t understand even after re-reading Spooky’s explanation three times. (Note: this is not a sarcastic post.)

    • Half the cutthroat junction games I don’t understand until about halfway in. Mostly because I give a cursory glance at the instructions.

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