Settlers of Catan Results

I didn’t see much of the game, but I can tell you that nibbish won and earned the June championship match.

DG and greekhouse are allegedly getting to their April/May championship (cribbage) match tomorrow night, the last I heard.

Player Actions Dev. Cards Total Points
Daneeka’s Ghost (DG) Bld Rs@C-9&D-8 1 9 + 1 2nd – 60 pts.
Melissa (MD) 10 2nd – 60 pts.
Nibbish (NB) T w/MN (O/G); Bld C@Y-17 11 1st – 100 pts.
Jonathon (BP) 4 5th – 30 pts.
Matthew (MM) 0 6th – 20 pts
Yickit (YK) 8 4th – 40 pts
Novak (MN) SOLDIER (NB); T w/NB (G/O), Buy O (4S); Buy 2 Dev. Cards (Soldier & Road Building) 3 8 + 1 3rd – 50 pts.

That’s Annette’s notation of who got what in this game. I really don’t know how most of it works, so…take her word, and ask her about it if you like. As for a June mega-game, I’ll be thinking on it.


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