Bicuriosities: Unavoidable Contemplative Follow-Up

Hey bros. So once again, after a small flurry of initial interest, there were no final attempts to beat the clock and solve the latest Bicuriosity. This makes me sad, because as much fun as it is to design these headscramblers, it’s not the same if folks aren’t into them enough to work stuff out.

For those of you who aren’t privy to my other online social media sources, this past week has been very trying for me, with all sorts of stuff happening, including the death of my father. As a result of it all, I’m feeling wiped out and very disheartened. I’m wondering if applying my efforts to making these puzzles is really worth the energy anymore, or if there’s some way I could tweak them to make them at least approachable and engaging for y’all. It’s a delicate balance right now, but I had hoped this’d be as enjoyable for you folks as they are for me. At this point, I dunno if either side of that equation is being satisfied.

So I’m asking for feedback once again about this little feature of our competitive online community. Be perfectly honest. Say what you have to say, either publicly in the comments, or privately via my email. Thanks fellows.

Meanwhile, after the jump, the groupings I had in mind for the most recent Bicuriosities puzzle, that Threesomes puzzle. Here we go:

Characters from the Popeye comic strip/cartoon series: Ham Gravy (on a roll with green beans), Jeep, Goon (“The Goon” character from Eric Powell’s comic book series)

Dennis DeYoung, former lead singer of Styx: Dennis and Dee (characters from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Carl Jung (bearded fellow smoking a pipe)

Names that are homophones of units of measure: Karat/Carrot Top, Joule/Jewel (singer), Hectare/Hector (Camacho, the boxer)

Words that are also contractions without their apostrophes: Well/we’ll, Shed/she’d, Hell/he’ll

Performing Arts Awards: Tony (Curtis), Oscar (de la Hoya), Emmy(lou Harris)

Mountain Range Singulars: Ambling ALP (boxer Primo Carnera’s nickname), ROCKY (the Flying Squirrel), CASCADE (Bluffs Magic:The Gathering Card)

Horses that won the Kentucky Derby: Wintergreen (mints), Grindstone (M:TG Card), Alan-a-Dale (from Disney’s Robin Hood)

Words that are homophones of letters of the alphabet: Cue (pool), Bee (Killer Bees M:TG Card), Jay (bird)

Donald Duck’s Nephews: Huey (Freeman, from The Boondocks), Louie (C. K.), Dewey (dewy grass)

Slang terms for a hot dog: Frank (from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Weiner (Anthony Weiner, frowning guy and disgraced politician), Red Hot (sauce)


10 thoughts on “Bicuriosities: Unavoidable Contemplative Follow-Up

  1. I’ve already planned to utilize you in Survivor XVI and run a few of your challenges. I think the problem here has been difficulty vs. reward, and these are much too good to leave out. Tying them to Survivor, where people have an emotional bind with their finish and standing, should help a lot. I don’t want to completely overwhelm players with your amazing cruelty, but I hope to run a few team challenges of yours (where the team would all work together to solve, thus lightening the load) and a couple of yours in the post-merge game. Your games will get the proper, uh, props then. What say you?

      • Yeah, doing some groupthink on these would be a lot of fun, particularly in a live setting, like a shared Google Hangout or something.

        I had all of the pictures up for at least two or three hours and looked them over, but never made anything resembling headway on them. I love the idea, but without anyone to (bounce ideas off of/ridicule me for wrong paths), it just entered the “man, I dunno” state and never took off from there.

  2. This could be way off base, but I do wonder if the issue isn’t so much difficulty as it is the fact that these are individual challenges. As uber said, there’s often a flurry of activity at the beginning, then silence. A lot of what keeps me engaged in things at CJ/CdL is when I can chat with others or compete against them directly during a game (this is also why I think PWTP suffers from more non-subs than Survivor).

    When it’s just me staring at a puzzle, if I don’t find at least a start quickly it’s very easy for me to set it aside and then never pick it up again.

  3. And I feel like kind of a jerk for this being my fourth comment, but I’m very sorry to hear about your dad. Condolences, sympathy, and prayers to you and your family.

  4. I looked at it several times. It felt really overwhelming, especially since I didn’t even recognize the faces of some of the people listed. Researching the internet to try to put a name to a face was a bit exhausting. I do generally love this type of puzzle, though.

  5. I wanted to comment. I very much enjoy this kind of challenge, but I agree with Beau that it felt very overwhelming. I think treating it almost like one of those cryptogram puzzles would have helped – a little clue (a category name, or something like that) to start off, so that we all have a jumping off point, would be key. I’m certainly not worried about you giving too much away by starting us off with more clues – and you know I always use up my clues when I’m making an effort anyway.

    Plus, I didn’t know all the pictures, and then I was getting read for, and then having, a baby, so I didn’t get a chance to give it as much attention as I wanted.

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