Bi-Curiosities: Letter Tiles Solution

Letter Tiles was a sort of surprising puzzle in that it was mostly straightforward and challenging, rather than being infuriatingly abstract and hyper-clever. And as you might expect, the results of the challenge were just as surprising. Get your heads straight for the results, folks! Right after the jump!

There were no results.

Not only were there no correct solutions. There were no submissions of any kind. After a few clarification requests and some excitement-tinged pictures of all the little tiles cut out of a piece of printer paper, things dried up and not a single soul submitted an answer.

What am I to make of this? Well, despite the fact that people regularly send me lightly-annoyed emails asking for hints during the more abstract puzzles, those puzzles attract actual effort. Seems counterintuitive, right? There’s a reason British crossword constructors used pseudonyms drawn from the torturous Cardinals of the Spanish Inquisition: the best puzzles are torment. If you can’t quite get HOW a thing is done, you’re more likely to be driven to distraction over not knowing the method than not knowing the answer.

So from here on out, friends and lovers, you’re getting the whole brunt of my abstract puzzling brain. The next puzzle is gonna require a decoder ring, a working knowledge of semaphore, a rhyming Flemish-to-English dictionary, and full recollection of the entire canon of Olivia Newton John’s singing AND acting careers. Get those pencils sharpened and be prepared to poke yourself in the brain with them: things are gonna get a whole lot more puzzly from here on out.

As for the actual solutions to this current puzzle: haha, no. You gotta earn it, boy. Rest assured, the answers were just like my lovemaking technique: brief, hilarious, and ultimately satisfying.


6 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities: Letter Tiles Solution

  1. Wait, the deadline is here already? I’M STILL WORKING ON THIS! I have a whole document and everything! Take it back, take it back! I’m not done yet.

  2. you forgot the negating prefix on that final word.

    I blame my kids. I couldn’t find the scissors (probably out in a snowbank and the’ll be found by tax day). I didn’t want to hack with my Swiss-Army knife scissors. Good for hangnails and strings, not so good for paper.

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