Points Updates; April Mega-Game Mod?

Points have been added for Will running Character Assassination, all those eliminated, and those who did Gilman’s thing (gotta be a better way to say that).

Believe it or not, I still plan on updating the Highest Bidder thing, but I believe I will do so after this mega-game is over and the April challenger is decided first.

AMR has still not emailed me his preferences about the championship match, so that’s why that hasn’t happened. Is that everything? I think it is.

Actually, it’s not. Given that I’ll be running Gods and Mortals starting in April, I’d appreciate a pinch-hitter to run April’s game. I can do it if it’s mind-numbingly easy to run, but given G&M’s need for me to pay attention to detail, I really shouldn’t. If you have an idea, I’m all ears.


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