Bi-Curiosities: Letter Tiles

Okay kiddiewinkies, another Bi-Curiosity has magically appeared. This one relies heavily on your word-recognition skills. Below you’ll find sixty-four tiles, each with three letters on them. Your job is to place the tiles in the correct order so that the result spells out three riddles and the riddles’ answers. You’ll note that there are a lot of question marks as well…those are missing letters, which you’ll need to figure out in order to complete the puzzle correctly. The number of missing letters increases the closer you get toward the end of the riddles/answers. So you can start out concentrating just on the tiles without question marks. But eventually, you’re gonna have to do some educated guessing.

Because of the nature of this puzzle, you can’t really ask for any hints: everything you need is right there below. You can ask for clarifications, but please do so in the comments below, so everyone can read them.

Once you’ve correctly constructed the riddles and its answers, send the three riddles to for a whopping 50 points! You have two weeks to complete this puzzle. So answers are due before the end of the day, March 27th.

Good luck, puzzlers.



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