Bi-Curiosities: Pop Quiz Answers

I don’t have as much luxury time to spend on this post as I’d thought I would have, so I’m just gonna post the answers with a little explanatory text, and let the appropriate authorities know who among you earned points. Nobody was able to earn the bonus 5 points for getting these all right. But that’s okay. Hopefully there was some amusement to be had in the exercise anyway.

So the common theme for the letter-shifted secondary answers were: each one was the name of a popular music artist or group (hence “Pop Quiz”!). Here’s how they look all solved and stuff.

1) HALL AND GATES (HALL AND OATES), a place in a mansion and a place surrounding a mansion.

2) FIR SUPPLY (AIR SUPPLY). Fir trees is one of the things people use for Christmas trees, from what this Jew guy was able to find out.

3) GAMY GLITTER (GARY GLITTER). I would also have accepted “Gory glitter”.

4) TOM WATTS (TOM WAITS). Tom cat! Aha!

5) THE BEE G.E.D.S (THE BEE GEES). I’m really pleased that one person got this.

6) PINK FLOOD (PINK FLOYD). This was one my favorite clue.

7) LADY GALA (LADY GAGA). It’s iffy to refer to debutantes as ladies, I guess. Because they’re so young.


9) TRON MAIDEN (IRON MAIDEN). Yori was the name of a female character in Tron!

10) YOLO TENGO (YO LA TENGO). This was the one that inspired the whole puzzle.

Okay! Any questions or confusion, drop me a note or comment or something. New puzzle to follow once I’ve figured out a better method for constructing it. Thanks for playing!


11 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities: Pop Quiz Answers

  1. Pink Flood – Pink Floyd was how I figured out what was going on.

    Pink Flood
    Hall and Gates
    Bee-GREs (did this count?)

    Should have got Yo La Tengo. Worried away for hours at the christmas tree clue without ever trying either fir or supply.

    This was fun as always, Gilman.

    • Also, I have to share my answer for the third one, even though I know it doesn’t exactly work. I’m more proud of it than I should be.

      Piggy Stardust = Ziggy Stardust


  2. Yo La Tengo was my thought on the last one, but I don’t think I ever would have made the leap from Carpe Diem to YOLO. I like it, though.

    Someday I’m going to get 12 hours of sleep, a gallon of coffee, and then spend a whole day on one of these puzzles.

  3. I was on the right track on precisely none of these. I should have paid better attention to the main hint. I would like to think I would’ve gotten at LEAST “Radioheap”.

  4. Did you decided if Radio herd worked for Radio head?!

    Otherwise, I got Hall and Oates, Pink Floyd, and Yo La Tengo.

    For the Tron one, I went with REM thinking that RAM was somehow involved in that answer. I was also combined the B52s had something to do with the one that turned out to be the Bee Gees.

  5. I cannot possibly describe how “up my alley” this is. It kept getting pushed back on my list and now that I see it, I’m very annoyed I didn’t get to it.

    Let me know who got points; I’ve seen no list about them.

    • I thought I’d sent you an email about that, but it’s definitely not in my mail archive. Another one will be sent soon.

      And sometime this weekend (or sooner) another puzzle will be posted.

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