Bi-Curiosities: Reminder

Hey folks, just a heads-up that the current Bi-Curiosities puzzle will be reaching its deadline this coming Sunday, March 2nd! There’ve been a lot of people getting hints, and even a few guessing some of the clues correctly! But so far, nobody has had it in them to guess every answer correctly for that sweet, sweet bonus of 5 points! It’s still waiting to be claimed by the first person to correctly answer all ten clues!

Even if you’re only sure of a few of them, don’t forget to submit your guesses. You get 5 points for each correct guess, friends and neighbors. And there’s plenty of time to ask for more hints. Or, y’know, just drop me a line and shoot the breeze. Whatevs.

To refresh your memory about this current puzzle, clickity-click right here. And address all guesses, entries, or clue requests to Happy bi-curiousing!


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