Drake Constantinople’s Running Sheeple Commentary: Part Three(?)

If you are like me, Sheeple fans, you do a few things as you watch this game. You admire the unintentional artistry of the board, you think back on how everyone’s moves have gone, and as each new move goes up you look at the unlikely surviving sheep and think “what the hell kind of moves are these?!?!”

Of course, I may just be a little grouchy because I had a duck staying on my couch last week. He showed up at the door, quacking something about us being friends, it being my fault that he was even in this reality, and something about some bird face scientist cutting his allowance. Whatever. I’m kind of a pushover, so I let him stay, and of course he was always getting something from the refrigerator, and smelling up the bathroom, and using my laptop. Now my Firefox history lists a site called ladyonduck.com THAT I REFUSE TO CLICK ON! Anyway, Drake’s been gone for three days, so let’s check out the action on the board.


Day of changes. Greekhouse made his first move in four days. Dread Pirate managed to finish slipping the noose that he nearly blundered his way into. AMR, with the help of a Wild Oats, similarly bought himself some time. kg2005, in spite of having been hemmed in for some time, survived another day. The lower corner became more crowded as it became the only open space available to five sheep. In spite of that, Margaret assumed the lotus position and calmly meditated in place.


kg2005 ran out of room, and a four day long sheep-trapping expedition finally ended. AMR survived, but was running out of luck. The bottom corner, while largely uneventful, looked poised to burst into a sheep slaughter at any moment. Dread Pirate, Greekhouse , and Todahshy were all grouped together. To survive and thrive in this situation requires team effort and coordination, but I’m sure they are up to the challenge, right? Of course they are. Both Margaret and Annette moved to the outer fence, putting themselves in danger. Will anyone capitalize on that fact? To find out, you’ll have to wait until


Nobody did capitalize on that fact, although it was a nailbiter. Both Margaret and Annette moved themselves into safer positions. I suppose they were looking for power-ups, even though at this point the chances of anyone having one or coming across one are so slim that it doesn’t seem worth looking for them. Survival seems like it would be the key goal now, the luck needed for anything else is too high. And so AMR, having played a pretty good game – HOLY SHIT LEAN MUTTON MORGAN! Did you see that?!?! – proved that no matter smart you are, it’s better to be lucky. Greekhouse and Dread Pirate, on the other hand, attempted to move to the same spot, and ended up right back where they were before. Freealonzo, for reasons that I suppose are only known to Freealonzo, moved into the corner. And once again, the bottom corner looks ripe for a bloodbath.

This game looks like it might move quickly till the end of the month, Sheeple watchers. If you’re not excited now, then you are apparently too good to enjoy the killing of imaginary, barely even virtual sheep. So la-di-da to you. I’ll see you again soon, maybe with a game wrap-up, unless I don’t.


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