Bi-Curiosities: Pop Quiz

We’re back folks. Bi-Curiosities makes its dubious return with a puzzle that’s guaranteed to leave you scratching your head and perhaps other people’s heads as well. No more crossword grids, but a whole bunch of confusing-seeming clues.

This time, you don’t have to do much other than answer the clues below. You’ll earn yourself 5 points for each correctly guessed answer, with a bonus of 5 points to the first person who solves them all. Each of the clues are deliberately strange and whimsical. The correct answers will be too. However, the answers all have a commonality to them. For every correct answer, if you change one letter, it will form another word or phrase that identifies some people of whom you may have heard. And these people can all be grouped into a specific category.

Make sense? No? Good. You can ask me any questions you like in the comments below, or privately at (If you ask a question privately that I think would benefit the rest of the folks, I’ll add it to the comments section below.)

As for hints, well…you can ask for them. You get a total of FOUR hints, though, and they can be used either to help you get a specific answer to a clue, or to get help understanding the common theme of the slightly-changed answer category. In addition, I’m going to keep this puzzle open for three weeks, rather than two. Just so folks have a chance to work their way around to it.

As always, send guesses and hint requests to Good luck. Here are your clues:

  1. A place in the middle of, and a place at the outskirts of, a mansion.
  2. Datum for a Christmas tree distributor.
  3. Meaty fairy stuff.
  4. Energy measurement for a cat.
  5. A series of certification tests for hive-minds.
  6. Mishap at the Pepto Bismol factory. 
  7. A debutante ball, perhaps.
  8. Pile of boomboxes.
  9. Yori.
  10. The American kids say, “seize the day!” The Spanish kids reply, “I have!”

5 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities: Pop Quiz

  1. Is the commonality before or after you change one letter of the answer? Or is the commonality the fact that you can change one letter to get another answer? Or is it both?

    How many questions is that?

    • The commonality is after you change one letter. And it goes beyond just spelling out something new: all the changed answers will have something in common with each other.

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