Big Papa’s Running Commentary: Sheeple, Week Two

Friends, welcome to an exciting new feature at CJ that may or may not appear exactly one time. We’ll see, I guess.

El Poperino has, in the absence of being able to play anything, written up a running commentary on the second week of Sheeple that mostly hinges on guesswork and tomfoolery. He doesn’t know which parts are true and which are not, as although he sees the moves, he doesn’t see any emails.



Hello, Sheeple fans. After last week’s thrilling finish, can anything match the sheer drama of Brooks’ hail mary revenge plot against Novak? Probably not, but let’s check out the action highlights anyway.

Monday was a heartbreaker. The sheep, reeling as if drunk with power, made a number of inexplicable moves. AMR and his henchmen… er, henchsheep, turned the full power of their alliance rather bafflingly against the most noble sheep the grid has ever known, as they directed Todd the shepherd to build in a coordinated pattern, removing Big Papa and Nibbish. MelissaD and Eschapp both escaped their respective fences, Melissa using a Lean Mutton Morgan and Eschapp using Freedom!. Kudos to them on their lucky escapes.

Tuesday was a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing. MelissaD came under real fire from Adobery and associates, but they were not able to encircle her completely. For her part, Melissa went after Daneekasghost, who was not yet eliminated.

Wednesday saw Adobery meet his goal of eliminating Melissa, as well as meet his fate. It seems that Cutthroat Junction’s favorite Cain and Abel act were at it again, with Beau in the role of Cain this time. He used a Sheepdog Shep to push Adobes into place, while contracting the Dread Pirate and his privateers to build the needed fences. Ironically, Beau also helped his brother to eliminate Melissa. That’s how you play both sides of the fence!

Thursday saw the elimination of Funkomatic, notable only because of how long it took to accomplish, and the pointlessness of the endeavor. More interesting was the elimination of Brooks! Is what the previous sentence would have said, had the elimination of Brooks not been botched. In spite of the use of a Sheepdog Shep against him, Farmer Todd was directed to build a fence in the wrong place. Once again we see why the name Brooks Maki adorns the sidebar so frequently. BHiggum and Eschapp ended the day in peril.

Friday! BHiggum, out of powers and out of pasture to roam, chose to sit and hope nobody would notice him. It did not work, and another sheep carcass litters the fenced in ground. There was a failed attempt on the life of Beau, and Eschapp used his second Freedom! of the game, and remains free to roam, for now. No attempt was made to finish off Brooks, in spite of the small amount of resources needed to accomplish the task.

That’s the week, Sheep and Shepherds. One group grows stronger while the other seems destined to slowly be sapped of its power. Several free agents go under-utilized. What will the coming week bring? How long will this game go on? Will I ever write more commentary about it? Only time will tell.


4 thoughts on “Big Papa’s Running Commentary: Sheeple, Week Two

  1. another sheep carcass litters the fenced in ground

    Ah, good, I was wondering what happened when a sheeple was caught. I didn’t allow myself to think about it before.

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