BOGGLE — Round 1 Results


First off, why do you guys hate Nibbs so much? Shawn! Hugs! Stat! Second, thanks to Melissa for beta-testing some stuff.

Gilman was the most unique player this round, as none of his answers were duplicated by his opponents. Eight of you advance to the winner’s bracket and the other eight head to the loser’s bracket. Open the spreadsheet link right below if you want to look column by column suspensefully, otherwise head past the jump for the run down. Details of every word played inside!

Boggle Scoresheet

Sorry it took so long, but there were a couple stragglers and this was a bitch to score timewise. It was fun though seeing what you came up with.

Group A: Beau (34), Greek (28.5), Novak (28), Todashy (27.5), HJ (21), Gilman (0)
Group B: Kelly (42), Brooks (38), AMR (25), Will (15.5), Jon (15), Dean (10)
Group C: Margaret (30), Nibbish (28), Melissa (26), Annette (21), Bret (21), TDO (11)

There is your top six! Who else advanced? Well, I know I said the next two highest scorers, but considering Gilman had to back out, Group A had their scores skewed higher with there being no zeroes assigned. So I compared Novak, Toadashy, AMR and Melissa against each other.

Tiebreaker: Novak (35.5), Melissa (32.5), Todashy (32), AMR (28)

Congrats guys and girls. Hopefully that wasn’t too much of a headache. Let me know of any way I can make round two better. I am thinking of cutting it down to two boards. I am also not sure that the turn-tile was very worthwhile. You guys sure slammed Pete with it though! Only 12 Turn-tiles were used, and 6 of them were against Pete, by four different opponents! He showed you I guess.

If there is anything you should take away from the first round, is that you better have a balanced attack on the categories or you could miss out. Melissa and Todashy dominated on standard scoring, but didn’t give enough attention to the other two categories and it hurt.

Even if you only throw an answer or two in the other two categories, that could mean a one or two place difference in the rankings for that category. Hell, blackout you could have just copy/pasted your entire standard word list and wound up with a blackout in x amount of moves which may have beat an opponent who couldn’t use all 16 letters. I’ll put that partly on me for clarifying in the Round 1 email, but not updating the post.

Special Answers:
Round 1: Dulcet (dull set)
Round 2: Savage
Round 3: Up! date (update)

Congrats to Spooks on being the only one to find update. I didn’t expect anyone to get ‘dulcet’ really.

I look forward to your input & questions, so we can get Round 2 started.


24 thoughts on “BOGGLE — Round 1 Results

  1. Thanks for the work.

    I like having 3 boards. Hate having special words. And as discussed, some special categories worked better than others. No matter what though, I gotta figure out a better rhythm to getting my answers down, instead of jumping back and forth so much.

  2. Why exactly DID everyone hit me so hard? I don’t think it negatively impacted me too much, but I was pretty surprised by how many tiles were flipped around when I logged on.

  3. Man that 3 minute clock just killed me. I just couldn’t concentrate, being rushed like that. No surprise I took up the rear.

  4. Sometimes I wonder why you haven’t done a second season of Puzzler, and then I see your spreadsheets and wonder how the hell you ever even did the first one. Really, really fun game. I love Boggle (I suppose it shows). I have a couple of games built on the same theme on my iPad that I play now and again.

  5. I’m curious about those–especially Spooky– who didn’t try the blackout. For me it was the easiest special category because I knew how the limit of what others could do. The diagonal was the toughest for me.

    • I completely misunderstood the rule. I thought I had to black it out with all the letters but no duplicates, and after I typed in all the letters to get me within one point, I erased them all because I thought I had it wrong. I pointed it out to Ryan but he suggested I was going to be fine anyway.

    • I take part of the blame there. I explained it generally in the initial rules post. In the email that went out with the boards I mentioned that it was worth your time to put words there even if you didn’t use all 16, but I didn’t update the posts.

      He told me he understood it as you needed all or nothing to even be considered for points on it.

  6. A scoring question, was there a reason I got 0 on the diagonal scoring category? I had three words on my sheet that I was pretty sure satisfied the criteria.

    Not angling for more points, just curious if I misunderstood the category.

    • Ya, I messed up. I hadn’t yet formatted the default spreadsheets with the pink/gray colored background so I could identify if they came from the other goals. I retroactively did that to everyone’s sheets. I missed doing that on your diagonals so they got mixed in with all the regular words.

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