Royal Rumble Results; Sidebar Getting Updated

It’s over, Rumblers! Your full results are right here.

I’ll be updating the sidebar with challenger scores as you read this. Unless you read it much later, I guess. I don’t even know who the challenger is! Don’t spoil it for me.

Our second-place finisher ended up with more points than our winner. Yep, it’s possible! Still, what a match. That was a lot of fun to follow, people, what with the strong cadre that arrived in the middle. I feel a little gross about the fact that they won a tiebreaker to take control, but at least they ended up making themselves look awesome.


6 thoughts on “Royal Rumble Results; Sidebar Getting Updated

  1. Wow. I got the most points that someone coming in when I did can possibly get, and Annette still ended up with more points. Amazing run she had.

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