January Title Match Results; Royal Rumble Continues

Hey, everyone. Brooks and Novak just finished their epic game of Red Rover, and Brooks slaughtered Novak in the game he created, becoming just the second CdL champion to defend his title!

Here are the boards. The green spots are the ones that hadn’t been broken, and the link total remaining at game’s end.

This is the one the players could see, and contains the move list.

Both Brooks and Novak are currently in the Royal Rumble match, which has seen over half the players enter, and ten get eliminated.

Here’s the Royal Rumble spreadsheet, if you’re following or waiting to enter. Is anyone watching the board to see who’s left? I am, but I know who’s left, so it’s not the same thing.

May the best Rumbler win, and actually, I’m still thinking of what to run in February (and whether I’ll run it or play). I’m thinking maybe Gilman will run a game he came up with called “Multiverse Battleship,” if he wants.


6 thoughts on “January Title Match Results; Royal Rumble Continues

  1. Actually, I have Knots set for February, and that’s kind of easy to run.

    Mostly I’m trying to figure out what to do during Gods and Mortals. Will this place be a little on the extraneous side during that game, or not? I’m not sure.

  2. You guys, I can’t see what’s happening! What just happened? You guys? Can I get in the ring now?!

    You guys ditched me, didn’t you?

      • Oh, the spreadsheet is updated now. I don’t know why it wasn’t before. Still, it’s a lot of information to sort through when I can’t hear the smack talk that goes with it.

  3. Here at the Junction
    A spreadsheet, unupdated.
    Or, we ask, is it?

    Those outside the ring
    see the parade of defeat,
    wait, impatiently

    The sound of metal
    A folding chair to the head
    eliminates Brooks

    Novak defeated
    Melissa, confusingly,
    betrays everyone

    Smack talk, overheard
    relayed from a great distance

    Five Rumblers entered!
    Five Rumblers then exited
    Weep for AMR

    Who will rumble best?
    Really, all are winners, yes?
    No, not all, that’s dumb

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