Championship Match: Red Rover: Brooks vs. Novak

It has begun! Go to this spreadsheet if you want to follow their progress. I won’t be sharing the point totals they used until the end.

For anyone who wants to observe who hasn’t learned the rules (that shouldn’t be many of you), each of the eleven people on each side has a value, with 55 points distributed among the eleven. Players will use them one by one (but the same attacker can’t take consecutive moves, until there’s just one left) to attack links between two people on the other side. The link’s value is equal to the attack points between them, so if Brooks used a guy with strength of 14 to attack a link of Novak’s between a guy of 8 and a guy of 5, he would break the link. If the strengths were 8 and 7, one point would remain on that link.

If both links around a character are broken, the character is out. When all links for a side are broken, the team loses. Novak actually created this monster, but will that be enough to upend our champion?

Let’s find out.


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