January Mega-Game: Royal Rumble

Here it is, everyone!  The big one.  Or the little one, if you’re not into it like stupid Novak.  You probably know the rules, but if not, let’s remind you.

There are thirty contestants. They will be entering the ring one by one, and along the way, there will be planned intervals where I ask you to vote out one or more people. So, for instance, I might initially put seven people in the ring and ask those in the ring to eliminate one (this is, indeed, what will happen on day one). If I ask for three eliminations, you will be queuing three people to eliminate (I’ll tell you more about how that works if you’re in the ring when this happens).

In pro wrestling, the winner of this match wins a world title match automatically if they’re the last person standing. In the hopes of recreating this, the winner is going to get a complete buttload of points.

Here are how points will work:

You get three points for everyone you help to eliminate.
You get two points for every elimination that happens in the ring while you’re there, as long as it’s not you.

Those rules do potentially hurt the last people to enter, so I’ll be powering up those at the end: if you reach the final round, you automatically get twenty more points. Third place will get twenty more, second will get forty more and the winner will get one hundred more points.

I’ll keep track of the game on this post, and you’ll start getting emails when you enter the ring (but you’ll also get one at the beginning, so you know the game is happening).

The championship match will start soon too, so watch for that.

If you’re one of the first seven in the ring, your first vote is due tomorrow night (Friday the 3rd) at 9pm Central.

This is the public spreadsheet.

The first elimination had a tie, broken by a nonsub. As such, the people who would have eliminated the other person also got credit for an elimination.


9 thoughts on “January Mega-Game: Royal Rumble

  1. Oh, man. I can’t wait to get in the ring. I’m going to pull out my roundhouse… vote. Then I’ll do a flying, uh, vote off the ring posts, and then the suplex vote, and then…

    I guess I just want this game to be more violent.

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