January Announcements: Royal Rumble and Title Match

Cheers, everyone.  As we head into the new year, it’s time for the second annual Royal Rumble (the first was played on CdL, but whatever) and a compelling championship match played by two of the CdL greats.

The champions will be playing Red Rover from Survivor XIV.  Yes, the challenger created this game, but he’s playing against Brooks, so any perceived advantage he has is gone (prove me wrong, bitch).  In this game, each player has 11 “characters” (Brooks will have the Survivor winners, while Novak has the Survivor first-eliminateds) who will be holding hands Red Rover-style.  The teams will have 55 points among the 11 characters, and each turn, the attacker will send someone to try to break a link.  The strength of the attacker will be subtracted by the strength of the link he attacked.  Characters cannot attack twice in a row.  Once all ten links on a team are broken, the game is over and the last team standing is the winner.  I’ll post a public thing when the game starts in January.

The Royal Rumble is our other “RR” challenge this month.  Everyone loves it (except Novak, but f&^k that guy, am I right?).  This game sees people enter by random draw from 1-30, and get voted out at several planned intervals along the way.  Sometimes there will be one or two people in the ring (yes, this comes from pro wrestling) and sometimes there will be a lot.  Each calendar day will be an interval where players in the ring are asked to vote someone out, and points are gathered by surviving a long time, being in on eliminations and, of course, winning.  I’ll come up with points soon enough.  You do not have to sign up for this game.  If you play here regularly, you’re on the list.  I will populate the rest of it with Greg Johnson, who won last year, and a bunch of other semi-random people who won’t know they’re playing until they enter the ring.  Some will possibly never do anything, but whatever.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a lot of games I’m getting ready for Gods and Mortals (I’m getting very excited for this), and a couple can be played with small numbers of players and might require a test run.  I could do some of those for points.

We’ll just fizzle out here.  Thanks for playing here this year, Throatcutters.  I hope you stick around for many more.


2 thoughts on “January Announcements: Royal Rumble and Title Match

  1. Do I need to sign up for something? Because I’m in.
    I’ll put up more of an effort than the electric company. That was just too much to figure out and bad timing.

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