Splattergories Round 1 Results


Sorry it took so long, but man it just did. I’m sure the judges put in 40-60 minutes each, and I put in a good hour after they were done, but I was too tired to finish compiling and write a summary post last night. Who was the idiot who thought Scattergories would be less time consuming than Pyramid?

I learned about several words I hadn’t known before. I learned some of you still are bad at reading directions, one of you can’t read at all.  I learned animals are still evolving after all these years. I learned a lot of you should never be allowed to feed your children.

Speaking of hungry children, here are those results you’ve been crying for…

The only nail biter was in group 3 and man was that close.

30 – Kelly
28 – Novak
22 – Melissa
00 – Hungry

27 – Dean
24 – Greek
19 – Brooks
17 – Jon

25 – AMR
23 – Beau
22 – ESchapp
22 – Will
19 – Annette

27 – Margaret
26 – Rhubarb
21 – Bret
19 – Gilman
14 – Nibbish

Because…spreadsheets! (there’s a Key at the bottom of each worksheet, you may have to scroll)  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoZ5pH2eA1q1dGhITHZVdnoxaXFBWDc3YldpaHFicGc&usp=sharing

Kelly, Novak, Dean, Greekhouse, AMR, Beau, ESchapp, Margaret and Rhubarb will advance to the next round. ESchapp advances by virture of using less powers than Will or Beau. Melissa gets the terrible draw of being in a group with Kelly & Matt, two I would pick as favorites based on their Power Puzzler Scattergories. Sorry for the rest of you, but I don’t know if I’ll be having a losers bracket. It’d be nice to cut the preparation/judging time by 10 people for the next round. We’ll see.

So what did we all think of the powers? The protections were often used to good effect on doubles or categories where the answer would likely all be the same. The copycats were hit and miss, the bombs were as well. The funniest being when Nibbish blew up a category where all his opponents cancelled each other out with the exact same answer.

I am floored that less than half of you used the Time Extension. There were 3 people who didn’t use any powers at all. A lot didn’t use them all or only used a few. Timer had a factor in that?

Mad Props
Kelly: Was the only one to solve all three special clues
Dean: Had one of the highest scores and won his group without using any powers.

Special Answers
Clang, clang, clang…  > Trolley, Words with Double Letter
Carole, Lebron & Stephen? > We Three Kings, Holiday Songs
Baby birdy before breakout? > Nestegg, Thing you Shouldn’t Touch

We Three Kings was a toss up for benefit. You could score multiples on a couple song titles with Ws here. A few of you answered correctly, but did not place your answer in a category. Several of you answerd “nestling” which I assume was because of the clue, which is also a good answer.

Other Random Bits

This is a wombat.

  • Favorite answer that I couldn’t count: Wascally Wabbit
  • Dean: Do you have a subscription or did you google magazines? :::shudder:::
  • I didn’t even catch that Teamocil was a fictional drug. I just googled it and one of the first results I saw the standard “…side effects may include” so I just counted it. Toady pointed it out to me. I still count it. Nice.
  • I’m sure there is more, but I don’t want to comb the spreadsheet to recall.

Next round will come out when I get to it. If those who didn’t advance are really clamoring to play in a losers bracket, you’ll have to let me know.


58 thoughts on “Splattergories Round 1 Results

  1. I learned some important things. I learned that when confronted by a big red timer, my brain turns into oatmeal. I also learned that I think tsi tsi fly is an endearing little nickname. WTF

  2. Just remember two other tidbits:
    1) ESchapp was the first to start Splattergories and the last to finish
    2) Dean provided an answer I specifically listed in my judging criteria that I would not count. The exact example I provided.

  3. Oh and I was super technical on the whole tetanus shot thing for some reason. I think I accepted tetanus booster but for some reason tetanus shot just did not seem like an acceptable answer. You would find people getting tetanus shots, you would find syringes full of the tetanus booster, but I just could not consider a “shot” to be an object that you would find. It is more of the action to me.

    • ‘n’t worry. I ‘n’t ‘nk ‘ny of the judges would have ‘n you a ‘nt for that ‘nswer ‘n if your apostrophes had ‘ne through. I ‘nly could be ‘ng though.

    • No, I totally disagree. Nerber was easily the best answer I read. I lol’d all over the place. Poor Will chose the only woman in his group to copy (that’s probably really sexist) but that will teach him because I couldn’t come up anything.

  4. OMG, this is hilarious. Thanks for sharing everyone’s answers. I’m in love with them! I was completely SPASTIC the entire time I was working on mine. And I misread the directions and blew my entire load of powers in the first turn. Still, it worked! 🙂 I had to google something, Adobery – the “n” rock. I was stumped. Everything else came to me in a state of frenzy. (Also, for the record, my “tamborine” answer was my attempt to put in a mystery answer for “clang.” That pretty much describes my level of hot mess.) 🙂

  5. You don’t need to do a loser’s bracket, Adobery, you just need to run this again soon so some of us can try to redeem ourselves (preferably after you off Kelly and Novak).

  6. Reasons you advance in Splattergories, Letter N….go!

    Nepotism! Beau reminded me that I had locked him out of his board 30 seconds prematurely last Friday. At the time, he had told me his board was done, he just needed to protect “Nissan”. I asked a confirming question which he was no longer on IM for and I had since forgotten about it. So that means Beau is the second place finisher in his bracket and will move on.

    Sorry for getting your hopes up ESchapp. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s probably good I finally got my first one out of the way.

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