Bi-Curiosities: The Oh-Crap-I-Forgot-About-This Edition

Sheesh I’m really sorry about this. Not that there’s been much clamoring, but in the interest of completeness, I should have posted the results/answers for the second Bi-Curiossword like a week ago or something. Bad! Bad puzzlemaster!

Only one person guessed and got it right, and that person was Ryan Sorrell who gets a steak-sized 15 points for his efforts. The rest of you folks will just have to wait until I come up with a puzzle that’s less about hokey wordplay and more about hokey lateral thinking and silliness like that. Something that’ll go down a bit smoother than an obviously gimmicky “cross” “word” “puzzle”. I swear I’ve got something like that inside my brainbits somewhere, and I’ll be trying to get it out sometime soon. Can’t be sure when though. Been kinda depressed lately, and puzzle-making is the opposite of depression. But we’ll keep pounding away until we get it.

So if you want to know the answers to this latest puzzle, get with the post-cut info. Or feel free to bask in complete, blissful ignorance about this one. The choice is yours…

I did say the clues were, literally, normal crossword clues. And the key word there was LITERALLY. Because you see, I was handing you guys about 90% of every correct clue answer in the clue itself. Meaning: the clue itself was the thing you needed to add a letter to in order to arrive at the correct answer.

Why wasn’t this simpler then? Because “adding a letter” was the not-literal part of this puzzle. You had to add a letter phonetically to the clue, and arrive at a new word as a result. Once you did that, you could enter those answers into the grid, and when you’d done so correctly, the letters in the circled squares could be unscrambled to spell out the two-word solution to the puzzle: SOUND REASONING.

Individual clue solutions were as follows:

  • Pressing + D = DEPRESSING
  • Cargo + S = ESCARGOT
  • Doll eyes + I = IDOLIZE
  • Patriot + X = EXPATRIATE
  • Pebble + K = CAPABLE
  • Wrecked + E = ERECT
  • To choke + R = ARTICHOKE
  • Prawns + A = APRONS
  • Little mint + B = BELITTLEMENT
  • Tickle + Q = CUTICLE
  • Lemon tree + L = ELEMENTARY
  • Purse + G = JEEPERS

8 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities: The Oh-Crap-I-Forgot-About-This Edition

  1. I frowned at this for a few days, and didn’t get it. But I was determined to at least get started without using all my hints right off the bat like I usually do.

    Then it was a week later, and I didn’t get anywhere. Seeing the solution makes me feel better. At least I was correct in my assessment that I was going the wrong direction.

    Apologies to uberminz for not following through on this. I know it takes time to put these together, and it’s probably disappointing when people don’t spend the time on them.

  2. Fun puzzle after you get over the hump, but it was a big hump. I was using the thesaurus on all these words and then seeing which words I could change the first letter into another word.

    pressing -> (d)instant, (t)urgent
    pebble -> (c)(f)rock
    wrecked -> lots of possbilities
    shrimp -> (r)oyster
    tickle -> (p)enchant
    lemont tree -> (t)rough
    purse -> (s)coffers

    I kept looking at that 12 letter space and wondering what 11 word could just have a letter added in front. Plus patriot and doll eyes did not have any good synonyms.

    Sometimes you just need to be told to look elsewhere and it helps. I thought about doing something with the clues before, but it said they were literally normal crossword clues so I left them alone. Even once I got the clue, I was still going to try to change the clue to get an answer, which I then would change to get the real answer. I think Idolize was the first one I got.

    Can’t wait until the next puzzle. I’m sure you’ll shake this depression soon. I am your number one fan. There is nothing to worry about. You are going to be just fine. I am your number one fan.

    P.S. Because of this I learned all about the Dolls Eyes plant (Actaea pachypoda). Creepy.

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