Musical Chairs: Final Results

Alright, guys! It all comes down to this. The strains of Janet Jackson’s most frivolous pop songs have come to an end, and our three finalists are scrambling in the hopes of not sitting on the chair in which greekhouse took a dump.

Final results under the jump.

mbnovak 2
todahshy 1
jontheelf 1

jontheelf finishes in third, after a nice game of pushing people around that really worked to his advantage.

todahshy, your champion and mine, finishes second after dying in the seat that served him so well for the latter half of the game.

mbnovak is our winner, so you should all be very ashamed. He came into today with the most penalty points and a few days attempted to get himself killed for some future goodwill, but instead ends up taking a victory lap. 50 points for Big Papa, 53 for Mike and 100 for Novak.

Sign up for the December game already! Good game, Throatcutters.


8 thoughts on “Musical Chairs: Final Results

  1. Congrats, you.

    I think I gave too much credit for move making on my elimination day. I knew Jon was at seat 2, so I eliminated that from my options. Novak offered to share seat 4 and let the random tiebreaker determine our fate. I declined. In a later chat I was talking about our odds and he mentioned he wouldn’t be sitting in chair 1 cause that’d be stupid and expressed similar worry about any other chair.

    I didn’t want to read into that as he could be making me think he was or wasn’t taking chair 1. After Toady saved Novak the day before, I assumed he was going to be working with him again the next day. Toady would not want me or Annette around in the final 3 as we could agree with Jon to sit in different chairs giving him no chance to win. So I assumed he wanted Novak around for his own benefit. Since Toady had nothing to fear from sitting anywhere, I figured it was entirely plausible that he worked something out with Novak to sit in a higher seat to get me out.

    If I trusted Jon’s seat, I had a 50/50 shot of staying picking any seat. I could have asked Jon where Annette was, but I didn’t think I could trust that anyway. Yesterday’s events and Novak being Novak, it was messing with my head, so I figured random was as good as picking chair 3 or 4 on my own.

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