Musical Chairs: Day Fourteen

It’s a lot of fun right now, everyone. We had two pairs, chair three was empty yet again (five times in the last seven!) and one move that frankly had me scratching my head.

nettebarr 4
jontheelf 2
mbnovak 2
adobery 1
todahshy 1

adobery gets eliminated by the champ. Novak was all set to go until Ryan played it with, and for some reason didn’t take chair 1 out of the mix, despite that being todahshy’s permanent seat. One day after I said 1 was never going to be the death chair, here we are.

Ryan’s elimination also ensures that daneekasghost is going to be the December challenger. Will he add to his trophy case? Yes, because I will make sure that it happens.

Annette, Jon, Novak and Mike, you now have three chairs for the four of you as our penultimate day begins. I look forward to it – this finish has been aces.

Your music is “Fallen” by Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul.


4 thoughts on “Musical Chairs: Day Fourteen

  1. I entered the day believing I would have a plan before the end. I ended the day realizing that the day had kicked my ass, physically and mentally, and I hadn’t thought about where to sit even once. I sent my chair in ten minutes before the deadline.

    All of this story might be negated by the fact that I can’t remember if I sent in my chair last night. I’m calling in sick tomorrow.

  2. I believe the song is entitled “Fallin'” as it samples from the Tom Petty song “Free Falling”.
    (Cue the “The More You Know” shooting star.)

    • Cripes, I’ve only listened to it/looked at the lyrics a jillion times. How did I botch that? I’m leaving the mistake there to remind me of my failure.

      • Here I was, all ready to say, “Well what do you know? I’ve been wrong all these years,” just to show that I can admit when I’m wrong. And I was still right.

        I gotta remember that for future job interviews. “My greatest fault? I have a hard time feigning fallibility.”

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