December Mega-Game Signup: The Power Grid

So, I like running games. I just do. So I’m going to run this one, too (and the one after, because the Royal Rumble is my baby). I came up with this one about thirty minutes after posting that I had no idea what to do in December.

The idea here is that December will be busy for many of you – at work, and with family. So, this challenge is designed to allow each person a lot of time off, if they want it. Each person will only have to do two things: one, supply a list of numbers to me before turns start being taken, and two, take a single turn in random order (one person will take a turn per day). However, on the day you’re taking a turn, you will be the most popular person on the block, I assure you. Everyone will want your ear, if they have any intention of winning.

The problem with this game is that I can’t tell you a whole lot of the rules beforehand, because if I do, it’ll potentially play out a little boringly. So, let me say no more than the fact that each person will be throwing power switches, and that’ll have to be that.

I’d like to start this as close to the first as possible, so if you want in, say so soon. I’ll put down the “automatic” people and I’ll add the rest as you come. If you said you were automatic and I don’t have you here, sorry. That list is just sort of…in my head.

The Dread Pirate

…and hey, now you don’t have to say “I’m playing Musical Chairs online” anymore. This sounds so much cooler!


22 thoughts on “December Mega-Game Signup: The Power Grid

  1. I’m in. I liked telling my oldest that I’m playing musical chairs online. She had some quibbles about how it wasn’t actually musical chairs for some reason but I can’t remember them.

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  3. In, to prevent the travesty of another Novak win.

    Or to watch impotently as it happens again, while I shake my fist.


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