Musical Chairs: Day Thirteen

Two unused chairs at this late date? We had some double-crosses here today, I think. It’s also looking more and more like 1 will never be the death chair.

adobery 5
Beau 5
jontheelf 5
mbnovak 3
nettebarr 3
todahshy 1

Beau was the fiver with all the penalties this time, and his own tale of teetering on the edge finally comes to a close, good for 41 points.

I also find it strange (and nice) that we’ve never had to rely on random chance since the first elimination (sorry, Will…). The odds of that can’t be too great.

There are four chairs left for you, and the deadline is at the usual time. I’m also considering what to do with the December game. My own time in December is going to be very precious, so I may call on someone else to run it, or I’ll run something that doesn’t require a ton of energy. Sheeple was planned, but that requires a ton of energy, as I remember. Maybe I’ll do it anyway.

Your music is the theme to “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” I expect you all to be doing the Carlton dance.


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