AMR vs. adobery (and you can get in on it, if you like): HIGHEST BIDDER

AMR and adobery are going to have their grudge match now, and if you want, you can play too. The game is Highest Bidder, which we played in the huge tournament. The winner of AMR and adobery’s match will get 10 while the loser gets 5. Anyone who wants to piggyback on this will have the same parameters. If you want to have a match, make one here in the comments and I’ll add you (if you challenge someone, it will be auto-accepted. Consider this a glove slap, followed by “I challenge you to a duel.” You just can’t ignore that, if you have any pride at all). I want to play too, so please, someone challenge me.

In Highest Bidder, you have $1000 to allocate to points “items.” The higher bidder on each item will get the points in question, and the one who won the most points in the pair will be the winner.

In addition, there will be a five-point bonus for the person who wins a game (using the same board) across all people who play.

You can allocate cents, as well as dollars. Just make sure you don’t go over $1000, as this is the one way I’ll disqualify you. Or a nonsub, I suppose, which will cause you to gain no points.

For anyone who plays, this will be due next Monday night at 9pm Central. I have intentionally made it after Musical Chairs ends so as not to affect the standings until the next monthly period.

These will be the items you’re bidding on:

1 point
2 points
3 points
4 points
5 points
6 points
7 points
8 points
9 points
10 points
11 points
12 points
13 points
14 points
15 points
16 points

So, obviously, it’s different from the first time I ran it. Alright, Throatcutters. Have at it.


26 thoughts on “AMR vs. adobery (and you can get in on it, if you like): HIGHEST BIDDER

  1. I have a proposal, considering grudge matches can be convened any time by anybody. I would make accepting a grudge match optional, and the loser of any grudge match LOSES points,.

    That way people don’t do them just to get easy points.

    • I guess I don’t really care why people do them. I’m not wracking my brain trying to figure out Gilman’s puzzles because they’re worth so many points, I’m doing it because I like puzzles.

      The more people playing, the more fun it is so I say make it more likely that people play.

      Also, just to say it out loud, I’m not really challenging the entire contenders list. But I will accept nibbish’s challenge, and challenge spooky.

    • I won’t be changing anything this time around, but we can revisit this later. My whole plan has been to cap grudge matches at one a month, although we’ve gotten a little loose with things. I do plan on only allowing each person one match on this thing.

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