Musical Chairs: Day Eleven

Well, it happened: AMR said he’d eventually die by nonsub, and he did. 32 points for him.

We’ll still be going forward with our real elimination, though; this time, for the first time in the history of this game, the highest-ranking chair is the death chair! While eschapp and nettebarr each sat in seat seven, we had Beau, Novak and nibbish all in seat eight.


nibbish dies here with his complete buttload of penalty points, but he lasted by far the longest of any of the five people who all sat in seat #4 on the first day. He’s been on the verge ever since.

Beau 8
mbnovak 8
nibbish 8
eschapp 7
nettebarr 7
adobery 5
jontheelf 2
todahshy 1

With the double-kill, we now have seven people for just six chairs. Time to make that crazy play to win, guys. Or not. Whatever. I’ll have fun either way. Your music is Jurassic 5’s “Futuresound.” I hope you people have rhythm. 9pm will work out fine tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Musical Chairs: Day Eleven

  1. I’m claiming AMR’s #6, since it’s empty, and she’s been whispering to me anyway.

    I should also probably point out that Pope is still alive.

      • Because it takes about three seconds to write and send an email with a number on it. Seriously, though, when I have this many people and I’m trying to finish within the month, it’s necessary. I could also do a few dual-elimination days at the outset rather than run on the weekends, if that’s what people wanted.

        • Dude, it’s just sour grapes. Don’t listen to me.

          Obviously I was able to post on Saturday night. Not sure why I didn’t email you then.

          Since I’m now out, what were the rules on changing submissions? Like if I’d emailed you “I’m sitting on #6” as soon as you posted on Saturday night and then Todahshy says “No I’m sitting on #6”, could I have sent a new e-mail and moved?

          Final note: I said on Saturday “my strategy seems to be working better lately.”
          Self-kiss of death.

          • I allowed changes on this one because of the total ease of tabulating. It’s like I run Survivor: you can change it, but if I get all the answers in, your last move is locked.

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