Musical Chairs: Day Ten

How much can one field take before they decide to weaken a power player?  It appears that nine days is what they can take, because two people sat down with jontheelf today, even though one was destined to fall.  Or maybe they weren’t paying attention, I don’t know.

Beau 9
mbnovak 8
nibbish 8
nettebarr 7
adobery 5
eschapp 2
jontheelf 2
MelissaD 2
todahshy 1

Two people sat at eight, but three people make 2 the kill chair, and MelissaD is our freshest corpse and gains 29 points on her road back to another crushing championship match loss. We now have eight chairs for the nine of you, and let me run through a couple of things:

First, since we had one more person than I thought, there are a few more points to dole out. Second place will get 53. Does anyone care? Probably not, but it’s happening.

Second, the finals: this is possibly obvious, but if not, the final three people will have two chairs, and the one who sits in the otherwise unoccupied chair will be the winner, so no matter your penalty points, this thing ain’t over. Second and third place will be determined by penalty points, and if they’re the same, both players will be given two CJ points.

With rules and procedures out of the way, I now turn the music back on and await your next move. “Arms of a Woman” by Amos Lee. Walk slowly – this is a ballad.


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