Musical Chairs: Day Six

This morning, Big Papa Pope told you he was going to claim seats 2-4. Since none of you could beat him in a tiebreak situation, it stands to reason that you all avoided him, yes?

Well, no.

On seat two, we had bhiggum. No problem there – he was alone.

On seat four, we actually had two people. freealonzo and nettebarr, which of you are dead?

…neither. Because two of you are on seat three. jontheelf and nibbish, which of you are dead?

…neither. Because three of you gonads sat in seat #12.

AMR, Beau and daneekasghost, which one of you is toast and gets 17 points?

daneekasghost. The rest of you have twelve seats available for tomorrow night at 9pm Central. That’s a shame…13 was the safest seat of all, as someone always took it, but there was never a pair there.

margaritamartini 13
AMR 12
Beau 12
daneekasghost 12
adobery 11
mbnovak 10
eschapp 8
todahshy 5
freealonzo 4
nettebarr 4
jontheelf 3
nibbish 3
bhiggum 2
MelissaD 1


18 thoughts on “Musical Chairs: Day Six

  1. DG, I told you I was sitting there and you had the highest amount of penalties of any player and you sat there anyways? What’s with that?

    Well, I’m sitting at #12 one last time tonight. Please don’t sit there anyone else!

  2. Spooky didn’t give us any music. Are we just wandering in a circle around these chairs, listening to whatever is playing in our heads?

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