Bi-Curiosities: The Curiossword Solution

Hey ho fellows. Sorry to interrupt the LIVE Mastermind Finals, but I did promise this particular bi-curiosity would be finished tonight, so here we are.

And I can only assume most people were just…confounded here. So few people asked for hints or took guesses, some prime points went unclaimed. That’s okay, part of me likes confounding folks. As long as some folks prove the puzzle solvable, I’m happy. And which people solved this beast? Looky here:

  1. Ryan Sorrell (20 pts.)
  2. Brooks Maki (15 pts)
  3. Beau (12 pts)

I can promise you this, fellows. ANOTHER Curiossword Puzzle will be making an appearance in the next day or so, and this one will be a LOT more straightforward. Plain English-language clues and everything. SOLUTIONS AFTER THE CUT.The key to this puzzle was breaking up the seeming-gibberish at the right points, then being very audio-literal with your reading of the resulting clues. Here’s the breakdown:

M{} EMBRACES (M + Braces)
acht GERMINATE (German word for eight)
(At + ten D’s)
(Greek letter rho + currency symbol for Thai Baht + X)
(sixth + cents)
(pound symbol x2 with “four” in the middle)
(Bang + symbol for “or” in symbolic logic)
(Greek letter beta + carat + N)
(colon + pow + L)
(300 feet = 100 yards + dash)

Putting the responses in the correct lights, then mixing up the circled letters provides a fitting final solution of SYMBOLIC LOGIC.


6 thoughts on “Bi-Curiosities: The Curiossword Solution

  1. Oh, for frick’s sake. I was half done with this on the first day and never remembered to go back to it. It was RIGHT up my alley, too. The five I had were attendees, sixth sense, pound for pound, Colin Powell, and one hundred yard dash (so…all the easiest ones, arguably).

  2. I know I’ve already told you, but I really enjoyed this puzzle. Not that I haven’t enjoyed all the puzzles, but it was at least nice in this one, that if you figured something out, you KNEW you had an answer. Not possibly a step to another step that may be the wrong direction. I started this puzzle thinking there was going to be some character map swapping. Then I read all the symbols in my head and got to #4# and it finally clicked.

    It is freakin hard to figure out what ‘baht’ is when you’ve never seen it. I don’t know how many ways I tried to google “B with a vertical line through it” only to get to pages about beta and other wrong symbols. I actually knew ‘robotics’ before I figured out baht. Didn’t think it could be anything else but wanted to confirm it.

    I still want to know…what was with the lines underneath acht? I knew it was eight, and was trying to combine that with the red dotted lines. Finally I said, well I know its the German eight, what does the…oh geez.

    • Oh, those lines must’ve been one of those “hey you’ve misspelled a word here” things that pop up when you’ve got autocorrect turned on. My computer doesn’t speak German I guess. An oversight on my part that those misleading marks made it to the final product.

      Thanks for the continued compliments.

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