Musical Chairs: Day Five

Wow, what a mess! The top is clean, and the bottom’s clean too (actually, it’s too clean down there…plenty of room for the folks who tripled up) but the middle was a war.

We had three people in chair #8 – daneekasghost, freealonzo and MelissaD. It looked like DG was going out until the final two submitters caused a three-person pileup at #7.

bhiggum, kg2005 and nettebarr, which of you had the most penalties before this and is eliminated with 14 points?

kg2005, our first champion, feels the pain here. You now have until the same time tomorrow (that was 9pm Central) to finish your next turn. Your music is Tennis’s “Mean Streets.” I can’t get it out of my head.

nibbish 14
margaritamartini 13
AMR 12
adobery 11
mbnovak 10
Beau 9
daneekasghost 8
freealonzo 8
MelissaD 8
bhiggum 7
kg2005 7
nettebarr 7
eschapp 6
todahshy 5
jontheelf 1


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